Facebook begins testing groups paid, which require its members to subscribe to


You can use the groups feature on Facebook to do many things, such as watching friends news and events with each other, and gather people interested in the same field, or collection of persons who constitute a community, etc. However, you could be needed to distinct groups share exclusive content compared to the amount specific? That’s what you think the Facebook company.

To the extent that the company has announced the launch of groups of the paid that require subscription. According to facebook, it has stated by saying : ” We hear from officials of the communities they are looking for ways to help them earn funds to deepen communication with their members and to continue to support their communities. He says many of the staff that day by creating the additional groups included participants just to the side of their group present, relying on additional tools to track payments and analysis “.

However, the groups paid still in the experimental stage only at the moment. This means that it is not possible for all the managers of the societies to start to impose fees on members of their respective groups. According to facebook, they have been conducting this test to understand how a sense of community members to the idea of subscription. This means that there is a possibility to cancel this feature or modify it based on the comments.

Anyway, what do you think of this feature? Are you interested in groups Facebook paid?

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