Facebook application new software Spy for?

Security and privacy when using smart phones are increased to take care of them with the development of phones, and always find new ways to damage and ways to repair such damage. One of the tools used by a lot for the purpose of protection is a VPN apps for spying on the traffic of the user. However, the application of Facebook last released on iOS differs from it a lot.

Application Onavo Protect which back called his company days items Facebook 2013 gives himself the right to compile your data, according to the description of the same app on Store app store and iTunes Store under the word “Read More”, where the app clearly aggregated data “to improve your experience on the site”. Which means that your browsing data is also analyzed through the application of VPN he’s supposed to protect your data.

And if you think about this, as the campaign says Facebook collects your data, whether the websites that you go to or which apps you use and other data and change with time, and this certainly gives Facebook a lot of data that is not supposed to have.

An example of this would Facebook app, which began to spread before it has spread significantly, it will compare your use for example for YouTube compared to using your video on the page, will see the site says to increase the number of videos that show you? It does not seem acceptable in any form, especially the absence of motive allows you to grant the right to compile these data.

In order to ensure the Facebook app access to all gesture to include it within the copy app on iOS, while the app makes or appears within a Facebook application until now.

Clearly if you bought this app it would give Facebook excessive force (imagine Google, facebook and Apple in one company) will be converted terminate its competitors before their start. Disc years ago was to buy their competitors with the beginning of their multibillion-dollar, it seems that the police now want to not appearance of homes from the foundation.

This theme application new Facebook software Spy is? Appeared first on say Delta technology.

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