Facebook announces 40 thousand dollars as a reward for reports about the abuse of users ‘ data

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The next step in the strategy of Facebook to regain the trust of its users, following the scandal of the misuse of users ‘ data by company Cambridge Analytica is the announcement of a reward of $ 40,000. Launched the largest social network in the world reward program ” misuse of data ” that will reward those who report the abuse of users ‘ data by application developers. The Facebook to postpone the Declaration of the bonus prior to the start certificate of the company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg in front of Congress about the scandal of the misuse of the data.

Individuals who report data misuse by application developers will get bonuses ranging between $ 500 and $ 40,000. Will be rewarded for sharing information and evidence on the misuse of the data through the application on Facebook, which gathers user data and transmits it to another party for use in the political side.

Was rewards programs available for a long period. Paid tech companies like Facebook and Google routinely researchers in the field of security of information and tens of thousands of dollars to discover security holes in their systems. However, this is the first time you launch a program that rewards those who report the abuse of users ‘ data.

On this subject, stated the head of the Security section in Facebook Inc., Mr. Alex Stamos, said : ” this will help us to find cases of misuse of data is associated with security holes. This will cover both hemispheres, and helps to detect more cases like Cambridge Analytica so that we can learn it first and take the necessary actions “.

As soon as it is reported the case to facebook, will be an examination of the evidence by the team bonuses in charge of cases of abuse of the data. Will make a Facebook post that read a certain when the investigation is completed, which may include turning off the app, or sue the developers or even the audit in which the company you are buying data or selling it.



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