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فيسبوك وتويتر وألفابت يخضعون لجلسة استماع جديدة

Said the Chairman of the judiciary Committee in the White House, the judiciary Committee in the US house there will be a meeting on Tuesday to listen to the testimony of companies facebook and twitter have asked if the companies have the social networking filter content for political reasons, where he criticized members of the Republican conservatives in Congress companies social media because of what they claim it is deliberately to do the exercise politically motivated by removing some of the content, a charge denied by the company.

Addresses the social concerns related to transparency and verification in a content filter, as well as the study of the role of competition law to prevent the practice of addressing anti-competitive, said Bob. Goodluck. Bob Goodlatte, Chairman of the house judiciary Committee, in a statement yesterday Friday he’s happy to send company experts to answer questions relating to the exercise of the mind in its content and how it can be responsible the best of freedom of expression in the United States and abroad.

This has helped the emergence of social media platforms to allow people to communicate across continents, exploring the vast amounts of information, participate in dialogue with friends and strangers, however, can use the same technique to suppress a certain point of view, manipulation of public opinion.

The Committee said that Monika Becker Monika Bickert, responsible for global policy at facebook, and junipers area downs Juniper Downs, responsible public policy and Government Relations at YouTube, and Nick Beckley photo Nick Pickles, a strategist big on Twitter will be attending on behalf of the three companies, the Commission has held a hearing in April on the same subject.

And Republicans repeatedly during the meeting about the leadership of companies to monitor or block content from the Conservatives which is rejected by the companies, and legislators of both parties to it should be on the technology companies to remove illegal content such as fraud and piracy, but they disagreed about whether they should remove the content Store Account.

Said Jodi: “while these companies may have legal grounds and economic ideology for its content management is similar to traditional media, we must think carefully about whether the standards that apply to these companies know our society is free and open culture of the Treaty on freedom of expression at risk”.

And Perrin zoho Berin Szoka, President of TechFreedom, a technology company, non-profit, non-partisan focusing on the issues of Internet freedom and technological progress, in the meeting saying “it is better to address concerns about the actions of the Facebook platform potential through other procedures such as transparency and empowerment of users, where to the best selection of Facebook today is the threat of finding Facebook new gives the company’s dominance”.

The Attorney gerold waitress Jerrold George, a Democrat, prominent in the Committee, had said in the hearing of the former: “the idea of filtering companies social media votes conservative is the trick, and specialized of the victim,” was Mark Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, had told Congress in April that he was committed to a great extent makes sure that the Facebook platform is a platform for all ideas.

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