Facebook and twitter deleted dozens of pages and accounts counterfeit associated with Iran and Russia

فيسبوك وتويتر تحذفان عشرات الصفحات والحسابات المزيفة المرتبطة مع إيران وروسيا

Made company facebook and twitter to delete dozens of pages and accounts gas reliable that originated in Iran and was published the content of the risk and the fact targeting the United States, Saudi Arabia and many European countries and the Middle East.

According to the investigations of the two companies, the deal was You pay and the plans of the Iranian and aims to publish the content of the false and the real level of the access network for millions of users to the treatment for special cases.

Andtold Facebook they were deleted towards the 652 page the calculation Group on the network it was linked somehow or another together, reported the process of data analysis from the company they are directed from Iran, some of which have existed from Russia. The company added that the pages spent more than 6,000$ to promote the advertising campaign before stopped.

When Twitter announced that it had, in collaboration with their counterparts from the social network to delete the 284 an account on the network was provided untrue information and treatment for various training follow-up. The revealed Analytics company that most of these accounts originated in Iran.

It seems that the deletion of the pages came after the analysis of the long networks because of the many complaints against them, especially since some of the pages they publish ads that are not satisfactory to the citizens in the target state.

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