Facebook and its success in pulling the rug from YouTube video

فيسبوك فيديو

فيسبوك فيديو

Why hide network Facebook social desire to enter the field of video strongly, having allocated a huge budget to produce their own content will appear in a new tab carries the name of the “include” Watch within the app, and the budget starts from 10 thousand dollars and up to $ 500 thousand per episode only.

In numbers, the Facebook freeze now more than 2.14 million users across its platform, and achieved $ 13 million dollars in proceeds in the last quarter of 2017, the proportion of very large, equivalent to 85% to 95%, from advertising alone, this means that the model to achieve profits from the ads present successful and good standing.

Away from the numbers of users and financial results, the analysis of the type of content most famous on Facebook in 2017 gives a new look on Facebook, which was once the social network to publish posts and photo albums, links, just, to get after it to watch video clips with distinction, the first at least, this is what you tell us the list of more posts from the standpoint of the understanding in 2017.

In that list, published by the site BuzzSumo, it was the top ten first share video clips, where he won the first 15.6 million of the interaction between the admiration or comment, while the regional headquarters, which came in tenth place 6.1 million of the interaction. The list included 14 participants, 12 of which are videos!

Regardless of the content of those sections, and cities, succeeded to the sections in the cleft of her way as posts famous social network the biggest in the world, and this explains the tightening of the godparents marketing on the importance of using video. It also further explains the hint of “Zuckerberg” gas initiative when it was announced about the new changes in the network, the mentor pages and celebrities using video and live streaming to reach for more, because Facebook would network focused on the problems of friends and family members only.

If the previous numbers are not enough to prove the desire of Facebook in the car on video on the internet, providing a model of the profit to users who broadcast the games, or the adoption of a model advertising to provide profits to users who share video on Facebook, confirming that Facebook is in a serious task, to pull the rug out from YouTube, which are without real competition in the market of video sharing platforms.

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