Facebook allows administrators of pages to reply to messages, their accounts in Instagram through the page

فيسبوك تتيح لمدراء الصفحات الرد على رسائل حساباتهم في انستقرام من خلال الصفحة

In step maybe you think the introduction of the merger between the services of the conversation in both WhatsApp and Instagram, Facebook, meet, enabled the social platform the biggest new choice for the managers of the page can reply to messages, their accounts in Instagram through the Inbox on the page itself where it came from Facebook ad about the availability of this feature in the wake of the provided number of properties andcoordination of new managers community on board.

He was the director of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg amounts had raised the idea of a merger between the three platforms the end of last month where according to the report of the New York Times about the company’s plan at the start of the actual implementation of the process during the coming period which are called pars principle of the new messaging between the applications of the three without the need to provide the app itself between both ends of the conversation, you can be texting your friend through BBM it doesn’t have your WhatsApp account or Instagram and vice versa.

She had guessed some of the reports to the launch of Facebook this feature is completely new during the current year to come denied the product on the lips of its executive director during the announcement of its financial results, where the cross mark of being in the need for more time to study the implications on the merger and launch them with a framework serves the user as required, hoping to see the light in 2020.

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