Facebook allocates more than $ 20 million to protect Zuckerberg

Revealed official data provided by the Facebook that the compensation package paid by the company to its executive director Mark Zuckerberg had increased to 22.6 million in 2018.

These include compensation many of the items not stated in detail, but most of it goes to personal security, Mark Zuckerberg who is trying to his annual salary increased by just one dollar.

Note that the year 2018 has seen a big jump in compensation to the security and protection of Zuckerberg, as this was compensation per year of up to $ 10 million, what means it more than doubled in the past year.

Also received a Zuckerberg an amount of $ 2.6 million to use for personal planes on the grounds that such action is necessary to increase the protection of his personal part of the costs of security and protection.

On the other hand, data revealed the official to the chief of operations Sheryl Sandberg received $ 23.7 million for the year 2018 which is less than the previous year where I got $ 25.2 million.

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