Facebook admit its errors and simplify application Messenger over the next

In the world of competition between chat Apps the company’s move to add a lot of advantages for the comments periodically to attract users to new and energize existing users for a match, but this won’t benefit always as I discovered Facebook.

Return the title of the news, I felt Facebook finally I’m shopping to add more is no longer beneficial to apply the famous Facebook Messenger, but contributed to the Confusion on the users and the complexity of the usage experience alienated them from the app .

This is what his Vice President of Facebook products and correspondence which confirmed in remarks posted on his own page to the app bat complete auction and racing company during the past two years on the extra advantages to make the application special, but to cause upset to the users .

So will Facebook to simplify the application during this year and focus on the main advantages of downloadable audio-visual in addition to the chat to enhance the presence of the app as one of the most important applications of communication .


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