Facebook add dark mode for the messenger

Got platform Messenger is optional on Dark Mode, and after that Co. has added the Facebook option to the settings menu of the messaging application lets the situation get dark, is being published this feature on the world level, which allows access to 1.3 million people use Messenger.

The Facebook has provided this situation dark by, as of the month of March, but he was hidden, where it was actually sent emoji crescent moon to anyone in the chat individually or collectively to get it, but that is no longer necessary now.

Wrote Facebook via the publication: “up until now, it was the only way to get to Dark Mode is through the activation of the Easter egg, but now people will be able to get this situation through the settings”.

Can anyone get the dark mode by clicking on the profile photo, to be taken to a list of relevant settings, where it sees the possibility of activating the water next to the option labeled “dark mode Dark Mode”.

Leads activate this option to toggle the color palette of bright, traditional investigation and turn instead to the appearance of low contrast, so that they become the background black and text color white.

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Besides being comfortable for the eyes, the dark mode new for the messenger that would slightly increase the battery life of the phones screen OLED, such as the latest group of iPhone iPhone X and iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, the series galaxy of Samsung, a LG LG G8 and V40.

The reason is that these screens are able to turn on and off each pixel individually without affecting the pixels adjacent directly, which saves energy.

And the platform of Facebook Messenger to a growing range of applications and common that I thought dark mode, such as Slack, Google Chrome, YouTube, and Twitter, application news and Google Maps keyboard by Gboard, and others.

In related news, has chosen Google dark mode at the system level in the latest version of its system to run Android mobile devices named Android Q, it seems that Apple will use the Dark Mode also in the iOS version 13.

Intends to Facebook unification of the infrastructure that rely on a range of its services for messaging, Messenger and WhatsApp instead of DirectX, via their access to the encryption feature mass, to remain users are able to download each application separately after the completion of the standardization process.

It is supposed to be the users of WhatsApp are able to send messages to friends who have accounts on Facebook or Instagram even if you don’t have those friends application WhatsApp.

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