Facebook acquires artificial intelligence company GrokStyle specialized in shopping via the camera

فيسبوك تستحوذ على شركة الذكاء الاصطناعي GrokStyle المتخصصة في التسوق عبر الكاميرا

I’ve always liked the many pieces of furniture or decoration in the places we visited and we had questions about places to buy it and he did not question the owner of the place; this actually happens permanently with a large number of but what if you could determine the place of selling any of those pieces by your smart phone; already this is the role of the company GrokStyle specialized artificial intelligence to facilitate the process of registration, which included her Facebook under her wing yesterday.

Where the social platform Facebook announced the acquisition of artificial intelligence emerging GrokStyle but without give out details of the transaction or their value; where the company employing artificial intelligence techniques in facilitating ways of shopping via the delivery points the camera towards any pieces of furniture that are admired by the user to indicate her whereabouts, which have made a real experience to develop the company global furniture IKEA in this area previously .

In didn’t know GrokStyle through its website about the transmission policy, Facebook clearly is the emphasis on its work as a complete team will be the goal of its desired and offering a memorable experience to users through the exploitation of any chance. and as for Facebook it is known that they do not in the process of development itself periodically in this addendum will be submitted I opened a new door in the exploitation of artificial intelligence techniques in the area of tolerance across the region.

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