Facebook account for the timing of its applications to change in the settings of the company’s servers and solve the problem

فيسبوك تعلل توقف تطبيقاتها لتغيير في إعدادات خوادم الشركة وتعلن حل المشكلة

After about 24 hours of sign Services Facebook and its various applications of Messenger and WhatsApp into work, the company announced a solution to the problem and clarified the factor that impact on the stopped servers and thus the inability of users to connect to applications.

The company says that suspension of the service came because of the change long settings own servers, which impact on access to services and different applications.

Was Apps Facebook stopped fully around the world yesterday for most users, while a small percentage of them able to contact some company services in part. This is expansion is the longest, the most comprehensive in the history of police work.

While owning a number of the most important applications on smartphones around the world, something special for Facebook, only to have it all on shared servers constitutes a major blow to the company in the event timing servers.

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