Facebook showed smart displays Portal

Company Facebook introduced its first gadgets – the smart Portal displays that are designed for video, and also support work with a virtual assistant Alexa.

Portal is available in two versions: the conventional version is equipped with a 10.1″ horizontal screen with HD resolution, and the version with the prefix “+” got a 15.6″ swivel display with Full HD resolution.

In addition, smart displays equipped with 12 MP web Cam, integrated speakers, four microphones, wifi and Bluetooth 4.2. Facebook focuses on smart camera algorithms that allow the interlocutors to communicate without being tied to a particular place. The camera follows the movements of the person and keeps it in focus. Moreover, if the frame appears another source, it automatically switches to two people. The microphone, in turn, can minimize background noise to improve voice.

Users can communicate through the Portal with contacts from Facebook Messenger, even if they have no such devices. Supports group calls (up to 7 people). You can also interact with the voice assistant, Alexa, which will display weather, video, search queries and the information you need.

Separately Facebook has paid attention to data security. All calls are encrypted, and the company listens to them and doesn’t track you. The latter, by the way, there is a button to mute the microphone and camera, and the ability to close the camera using the supplied caps.

The cost of smart displays Portal is $199 for regular version and $349 for Portal+.

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