face2face is a social network for search and cooperation of advertisers

Can be a long story, as it is often difficult to find advertisers interested in buying advertising users, as well as to select the right audience to promote your personal blog or company page. Without its own database of trusted contacts to make it difficult, so many businesses, bloggers and other projects come to the advertising services and agencies, they pay large amounts of money, and then still sometimes dissatisfied with the result. To fix the situation volunteered mobile application face2face.

The idea of creation and implementation of a startup belongs to Daniil Andreev and Vasily Nikitin. The app helps businesses, bloggers, social projects and any user of the social networking to find a promoter and advertiser with potential clients, rotating among the Global community of users interested in an advertising collaboration.

face2face is a social network for finding and cooperation of advertisers needing advertising. The app allows you to quickly and effectively find any audience to promote the Network and to qualify for wanting to advertise with the customer, which will be pleasant and profitable work. The advantage of face2face is that there are no “casual users” — in this social network is only interested in is people.

The main sections in the app: “Client”, where the needy in the advertising business, bloggers, social projects and all interested put their proposals on the advertising itself, and the “Promoter” — the reverse side is where advertisers in the face of bloggers, ordinary users and websites tell you what can help and what tools are at their disposal.

The presence of audience from all over the world makes the face2face service, by which it is possible to find the promotion in any country. To launch an advertising campaign for your clothing store in Instagram? Easily! To talk about your project in China, buying advertising from local bloggers? Please. Thanks to the intuitive search program to find the desired contact can be very fast.

face2face works in the opposite direction — the blogger can Express themselves in the large Playground where the best customers, and know not rebound from the orders. Thanks to the chat application, promptly communicate with the advertiser (and Vice versa), to discuss the details of the promotion, price and deadlines. The number of transactions is not limited and you do not need to pay a huge Commission to agents.

Announcements take into account all the necessary criteria for the best selection of advertisers and advertisers. Any profile of the blogger, you can quickly check this yourself, freeing yourself from the extra cost of the proposed dimension, which is often difficult to understand (and not understand where it come from certain values). The most important thing is to communicate always and everywhere much faster and easier mobile application that helps you to forget about the need to use a computer. Essentially you get a social network entirely focused on the advertising market.

As for the cost of subscription, it is only 99 rubles for 1 month (cheaper than a Cup of coffee!), 269 rubles for 3 months 499 rubles for 6 months or 949 rubles a year. More users don’t pay anything. In comparison with the size of the Agency commissions it’s not just a little, but the real penny, plus there is no percentage of transfers per transaction, and various additional cost options. This low fee enables each user to become a Customer or Promoter, and this is another advantage face2face — large customer base and an impressive number of sites where you can advertise.

The app holds a permanent monthly contest — “Race invitations”, and the winners get nice prizes for the highest number of invited users.

Who helpful app face2face

Looking for advertising its activities. Advertise your business from bloggers around the world or develop social projects, ordering the advertising at venues in Russia, Europe, USA, Asia and even Africa, including working on barter.

Seeking earnings from advertising. The most efficient and profitable earn for the provision of advertising services around the world, share news with their audience and monetise spent on maintenance of the account and its development time.

The face2face application is available in App Store totally free because it works on a subscription format. But you have the option not to pay anything — the developers have provided us with lots of promo codes for the free use of the application. You will find them under the link to the app.

Title: face2face
Publisher/developer: Softbricks LTD
Price: Free
In app purchases: Yes
Compatibility: iOS, Android January 31, 2019
Reference: Install

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