Fabric made of Ceramic of the Apple Watch this year will take place


When was the launch of smart watch Apple Watch for the first time, the company has launched a version of this smart watch gold and cost 10 thousand dollars to bear the name of Apple Watch Edition. Later, the company got rid of this version and decided to replace it by relatively cheaper made of ceramic when the launch of the Apple Watch Series 2 and Apple Watch Series 3, but stopped Apple from providing these women with the Apple Watch Series 4, but it seems that it won’t last long.

According to the old Chinese Ming-Chi Kuo, it seems that women are made of Ceramic of the Apple Watch will work. According to this analyst, he says that Apple will be launching a new version made of ceramic from its smart Apple Watch Later this year. It is not clear whether this means that we will see the return of the Apple Watch Edition, or whether they come in the form of different.

The report, issued by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo goes on to say that Apple will bring the feature of electrocardiogram to more countries. It is expected to be feature support electrocardiogram ECG slow because it is a feature of medical, this means that they need to be compatible with the laws and standards of local, this is the reason why this feature is not available in the USA only at the moment.

It is not clear what are the following countries that you get the advantage of electrocardiogram ECG, but we’ll wait and see. There is no word on the launch date of hours Apple Watch new smart, but based on the habits of Apple in the past, it is likely that this is done in the second half of this year, and exactly when it will launch its new smart phones.


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