EZVIZ Mini Pano — the safety angle 180 degrees

Some of us periodically think about installing security cameras at home or office. The reasons are different, but all start thinking which camera to choose. We found one option that looked like it works, and surprised one of its features.

Camera that we got called EZVIZ Mini Pano. One of its distinguishing features is that it can shoot video with a viewing angle of 180 degrees both horizontally and diagonally. This became possible thanks to application of the lens type “fish eye” (or “fish-eye”).

Thus, this camera can be hung on the wall, and it will cover the entire room. This is convenient because you do not have to hang a few cameras that require additional holes in the walls, and lay to him for more leads.

The camera is attached very neatly. This will need to be fixed on the wall a special site. Then cover it with a decorative cap and set the camera, slightly turning it until it clicks.

To power the camera connects via microUSB. Included cable has a length of 3 meters. It’s not enough to connect to the socket in another corner of the room, but it’s enough to reach from the installation location to the floor at virtually any height.

To install on the street the camera is not worth it, as it is not waterproof, and it can work at temperatures from -10 to +45 ° C and relative humidity not more than 95 percent.

Case EZVIZ Mini Pano made from corrosion-resistant aluminum, which contributes to better heat dissipation and increases its reliability. Not metal are made with only the lens and a small part of the body at the base of the camera where the connector is for power connection and a slot for a memory card.

For obtaining of the image sensor meets Starlight SONY 300W. Pair them with a special high-performance image processor. Together they make the image bright and clear. In addition, this sensor enables night shooting at a distance of up to 7.5 meters, and switch from day to night mode automatically.

The camera is equipped with a 3 megapixel sensor with the physical size 1/2.8 inches. The resolution of the output picture is 1344 on a 1344 pixel, and the video speed — 15 fps. This is quite a bit for shooting the home archive, but more than enough for a video surveillance system and allows you to save space on the memory card on which is written all the material. Card supported microSD with capacity up to 128 GB.

For information transmission, there are two Wi-Fi frequency. Standard 2.4 GHz, which supports most current devices, and 5 GHz, which is neueste. But the second frequency allows to reduce interference and make the connection more stable.

In addition to recording and broadcasting video of EZVIZ Mini Pano can transmit sound. The sound transmission is possible in both directions. That is remotely you can not only listen to what’s going on in the room, but also to say something to someone who is there. Examples of the usefulness of this feature weight. This can be someone from the family members when you’re looking for something or doing communication with people in the shop, and more.

To see what the camera records, and to manage it you will need to install the application, which is as for iOS and Android devices. After installation it will be necessary to pass the short path registration (or authorization) and tie device.

When all steps have been taken, and the device attached, you can see the picture from all cameras in a common menu or to open a specific camera and see what it broadcasts.

In addition, you can access the settings menu camera and choose settings. For example, you can adjust the picture quality, enable or disable sound, adjust the network connection and many more.

For greater safety provided by double encryption of the record, but in order to understand when it’s an unusual situation, there is motion detection. Thanks to this feature, the camera will be able to send you a message as soon as you see the movement within her of the trusted perimeter.

It turns out that a small camera, the size of which is only 7 cm in diameter, can not simply record, save and transmit video at a distance, but to do so with coverage of 180 degrees. That she deserved their portion of attention of potential buyers.

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