Eye tracking technology company Tobii will make it difficult for people to take a peek on your computer screen


No one likes to look at someone to what he is doing on the computer, especially when dealing with sensitive information and personal information too. The good news is that it seems that the company Tobii specialized in the development of eye tracking technology in hopes of making evolution a thing of the past.

The company announced the next update of the programme Aware of its own which will be held on the use of eye tracking technology your company to prevent people from looking at your computer screen. Will this new software from computers that contain cameras able to run a property Windows Hello and that when you discover that you don’t look at your screen, you will be Patmos or lock your computer to prevent anyone else from getting to him.

Can also help to dim the computer screen when you leave the computer, which helps you save some energy in the midst of this process. As we have said, it seems that this technique is achievable on any computer comes with a camera compatible with a Windows Hello. The company Tobii computer Lenovo Yoga A940 as an example, but we imagine that any device equipped with Windows Hello you should be able to do the same thing.

You can also use the company for other purposes, not just privacy, where can help send the mouse pointer to the other screen, so if you use your computer with more than one screen, you won’t then need to convert the place of the mouse pointer from one screen to the other.


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