Exynos processor 7904 brings filming 4K phones Samsung economic

Samsung unveiled Wizard class available Exynos 7904 capabilities can add a lot to the phones of the category, lower middle, namely, the series of Galaxy M.

Consists Exynos processor 7904 of years high performance: A73 at 1.8 right, and core A53 with a frequency of 1.6 cars for the rest of the task. The secret of the adopted architecture and 14 nm this is supplied at a cheap price.

Supports Exynos 7904 screens accurately +FHD, speed download 600 Meg has a second data connection, bringing the match to see Snapdragon 675 new.

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Focus on the capabilities of the camera

With the direction of China’s competitors to adopt the cameras accurately 48 maps, the likes of Redman Note 7 andOnur view 20, it is not strange to see the development of Samsung’s camera capabilities in its phones to medium-low.

And for that, Samsung made Exynos processor 7904 supported cameras the tripartite, which has up to series Galaxy M the preparation: camera wide, the other close to or sensor depth, adding to the camera’s main.

Add camera support Triple Play, supports Exynos 7904 sensor of the camera so the accuracy of the 32 maps, and export 4K video at 30 fps or HD at 120 fps.

Finally, according to some reports we might see Exynos processor 7904 One phones Galaxy M associated with its arrival in late January.

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