External batteries Harper — portable charging without wires

External battery today has already become indispensable inhabitants of backpacks, purses and handbags. After all, smartphone users is sometimes not so afraid to lose your passport, how to stay with a dead smartphone. Most often, when choosing such a accessory is guided by two criteria: the capacity and appearance. But over the last couple of years, the functionality of external batteries has expanded significantly.

In search of portable rechargeable batteries buyers often travel to the Chinese online stores. They do generally correct, with the only caveat that the important aspects of this product are safety and reliability. But how many have been cases, when ordered from China batteries explode during charging or simply failed to work.

Therefore, it would be desirable to save money, the quality should still go to the proven producers. One of them is the company Harper, offers external batteries with extended functionality. Thus, the model Harper PB-2612 not only has an impressive capacity lithium polymer battery (12,000 mAh), but also boasts simultaneous charging of two devices.

But, most importantly, the device is equipped with intelligent protection of your connected gadgets. The embedded controller monitors the output parameters of the power supply circuit and prevents overheating, excess voltage or current, minimizes the effects of short circuit. The battery itself starts and stops supplying the current, and in the absence of load the power is turned off.

To charge the device manufacturer has provided the port of micro-USB and USB Type-C, which is very convenient, because not always have the necessary cable. Charge level of prompt built-in led indicator.

PB-2612 works with all devices that operate in a network with a voltage of 5 volts, that is, to charge it can be used as smartphones and tablets, photo and video cameras, iPods and more. If you use one port support current is 2 A.

A nice bonus was the LED flashlight 5 LEDs, and so powerful that to go Hiking with this external battery, you can without a breakdown. At a cost of about 1 500 rubles option is very interesting.

A feature of another external battery from Harper — WPB-008, was to support wireless charging standard Qi. This is in addition to the fact that the device has two USB ports (5V/2A) which can charge smart phones, tablets and cameras via cable.

You can charge the battery with the optional USB Type-C, and its capacity of 8000 mAh will easily be enough to 3-4 times to charge the iPhone. By the way, this external battery is a little thinner, and easier to carry with you. Well, without a built-in LED flashlight is also not done.

Batteries Harper differ sophisticated design, and their real capacity is fully consistent. In addition, the life of the battery is reduced very slowly, they retain their capacity even after a year or two due to the use of high quality components .In General, for external charging of the iPhone (and not only) is a great device in all aspects from build quality to price.

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