Ext headphones (dongle) for iPhone up a record among the sales of the Apple TV in stores Best Buy

تحويلة سماعات (دونجل) آيفون تصل مستوى قياسي بين مبيعات آبل في متاجر Best Buy

Made Apple TV a quantum leap when I took advantage of the services of the traditional home of the sky in its phones, from the iPhone 7 so far, instead of that detour (dongle) is connected to the entrance of the shipping in the iPhone, and the other would be to connect the sky.

It seems that this link was more Apple products sold in the store chain Best Buy to sell electronics, according to website 9to5Mac, where to link with 3.5 mm, Old price $ 9, the most popular of all the iPhone, which was purchased from stores Best Buy since the third quarter of 2017, outperforming the leading sales previous USB Lightining which has a length of approximately 90 cm.

Yet the moment there is no conclusive cause for being link iPhone these on top of ladder sales of the Apple TV, but subject to the other, about that Apple took advantage of the traditional headphones in the phones, or simply can lose or related to, prompting a user of the iPhone to buy a new one to enjoy the health across the sky again.

Often users complained of got the iPhone as a quick and TV, during the past years and expressed it through social media attach a photo for damaged and so, but that can not be ignored is their knowledge of the benefits that you provide links to them, add chic to their business daily, which pay them to buy them again if at all some sort of satisfaction.

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