Explicitly launch the application Enoff to fight bias and irregularities in the work environment

صراحة تدشن تطبيق Enoff لمحاربة التحرش والمخالفات في بيئة العمل

The company announced the developer to apply reconciliation and the construction of the famous, explicitly, for a launched application the last under the name Enoff aims to hedge accounting and of irregularities in the work environment by creating a safe environment and positive enables users to put forward their complaints and suggestions anonymously.

Designed explicitly through the new app to strengthen initiatives against such problems by providing a safe place for people to talk about what they are exposed to and evaluate their suggestions and complaints within the scope of the property so in any place of business in the world, this comes through the stimulation of the employees of the Office of their ideas.

And the phenomenon is the transformation of the most prominent phenomena in the workplace in the world, where the United States alone exports about 5 million people suffer from the challenge annually, more ominously, the proportion of 99.8% of them up to different circumstances and Madison oppression inside of them for fear of the results, but like this the app will give the opportunity to show what they write in secret. As there are a lot of irregularities involving racial discrimination and sexual and other problems in the work environment that depends on people to stand against it, and such as the application Enoff an opportunity to express an opinion about them with ease and without fear because of the confidentiality of the application.

Commented Zine El Abidine Tawfik, the founder and president of outspoken, said: “I’ve always been helping people is our mission in the conflict.” He continued, “our application of the first stated found to enable the users to share their opinions constructively with the utmost confidence and transparency. Now cross-launch the application if we are striving to build a safe digital environment for installations in which it could face a global threat by empowering staff to report in confidence and safety about the problems that occur in the work environment”.

And any institution or place of work using the new app, where you established open an account is documented through team work and then you property search of its employees to share opinion and complaints confidentially and easily by sending invitations to each of them.

The app is available on the software store of Apple, you can visit the website link HERE.

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