Explaining Instagram 2018 all you need to know about Instagram latest version instagram

Update Instagram 2018 activate the new features

Website Instagram largest social networks, and the most famous and the number of users where the Instagram of the best social networking programs 2018 , instagram is an app that lets all participants share photos and videos with all your friends so that they can after download program, Instagram or, as some call the Instagram or Instagram to find out many new additions and by the Instagram bandwagon, is Instagram Instagram the Arab one of the competing apps Twitter also Sha and the many applications of networking sites other , Became the site of Instagram the most famous and the easiest to use and has increased the numbers of loading fantastically after the purchase by Facebook, where adding improvements and new features such as Live streaming and a special story and facilitated the process of registration in Instagram or create account Instagram new after download Instagram for PC or download Instagram Android , In this topic from the website how the technique we will show you everything about network social networking Instagram with an explanation of the most important features of Instagram 2018 last update and how to use your account on Instagram and increase the number of fluorescent awl or follow the Instagram for free and how to record more than the expense of Instagram and many of the features of Instagram that don’t know, a lot of users Instagram .

Everything about the social network Instagram

About the Instagram information about the history of Instagram :

Instagram where they (in English: Instagram) is a free application to exchange photos and videos and nature pictures and pictures of kids and use things and .

The first appearance of this app was by Kevin Citroen and Mike Krieger in the tenth of the month of June of 2010 and you can download Instagram that you capture your pictures and share them with your friends in different ways, including hashtags crown or through where you and many wonderful things .

Initially the app was available for IOS at Apple until 2012 and then after that has been made available for download Instagram for android this is the same year that the usual Facebook of its owner Mark Zuckerberg purchased Instagram for a billion dollars and this is what announced by the press at this time has traded some news after that this figure is the fact and the amount of the purchase is $ 715 million .

It was within the terms of the completion of the sale process to keep Instagram as it is completely separate from facebook and the process of integration between them, after receiving the application Instagram on the first million users since the first year of its launch after that in the following year he got 5 million users and this is what helps 500% Of the previous year and then make it available for Android reached 30 million and still in continuation to the present time, in addition to to download the Instagram Wagon is now available for all operating systems the phones calander iPhone and Windows phones the iPhone is considered at the time of this of the most famous and best social apps ever .

Explain the use of Instagram instagram

On Instagram you can follow the photo galleries of other users friends and followers and follow celebrities Instagram like Instagram dreams come true and follow-up account of the step and Instagram fashion or costumes to Instagram when they added pictures and documenting the events and the diary, they can also follow you each user can follow you and watch the images that you include using the ” Profile ” button in the menu bottom of the screen of Instagram, you can search for friends by name or find friends from networks such as Facebook or Twitter .
When you decide to follow someone, the photo will appear Instagram your in your feed ( feed ), which can be found under the stop of the feed in the bottom menu . You can press ” like ” on any photo, so the person knows you like filming, as you can leave a comment .
When capturing images using the application Instagram will always appear in the succession of feed of the users who are following you, you can browse through the tab ” explore ” ( Exploer ) to find new users to follow and view photos of creative is captured and filed .

تحديث انستقرام 2018
Update Instagram 2018


Download application Instagram cart latest version free 2018

To benefit from the social network on your phone to download the Instagram Android, or rupture of the Instagram for iPhone and recently became can you download Instagram for PC for free , to publish photos and videos Instagram and take advantage of the services provided by the application , so looking a lot for the download application Instagram cart link to directly install the application Instagram on Android , and the application of Instagram cart , download Instagram plus a link to download Instagram latest version 2018 , download photo software Instagram free download Instagram Instagram 2018 go through the following links to download a program Instagram on your phone or computer

Download Instagram 2018 mobile phone

Download Instagram for PC instagram for pc

Software download Insta on windows and computers is no longer useful and attractive for many users of the social networking world Instagram instagram , so the program Instagram for PC instagram for pc browse the photos and videos to Instagram and add new photos and comment and interact on your account also allows users of the app on the mobile phone through the emulator Android, which you download onto your computer to run Android applications on the computer is the program bluestacks

Download Instagram 2018 computer

Create account Instagram and shopping in Instagram

Before you can start using the program to Instagram and take advantage of its challenges and its features, you will be asked Instagram create account Instagram free in the case started, all you need is a user name and password, the reason to set up an account is because Instagram network meetings popular in addition to being a mobile application , and you can do this step easily through the link with your Facebook one-click be own account Instagram you know through this thread on steps to Instagram login and subscribe Instagram : steps to set up an account Instagram a new photo

Download clips to Instagram and save a video from Instagram free

In a lot of the time while using or browsing accounts Instagram want to save a photo or token Instagram or just pretty pictures or videos Instagram on your phone , but Instagram didn’t allow this feature through the app the original yet , so we find a lot of programs to download clips to Instagram, you can download a program to download from Instagram easily on your mobile and start using it directly and save a video from Instagram or upload photos and videos of Instagram , there are more than one application for each of them its features that make it favorite for download other of apps Instagram is the most important of these applications :

Home Instagram program download clips from Instagram InstaSave

Application InstaSave is a program to save any photo or video on Instagram instagram whether this photo on your account or on any of the accounts that you follow-up by downloading this app you can download photos and videos Instagram easily and with high quality .
Also you can with the application InstaSave identify more than pictures and video with the push of a button you download is simply not only this but you can also do a full backup of your account in case if you know your account of the process of the theft you can enjoy all your photos that were present on your account.

Download instasave for Android

Download instasave for iPhone

Download the program save clips Instagram OGInstagram

As we mentioned that the application of the Instagram, the original does not allow the feature to load photos and videos Instagram and save them to your phone but you can download an application OGInstagram on mobile to benefit from the many advantages the most important is the possibility to download photos and videos Instagram on your phone easily , one of the most important features and services of home application Instagram or OGInstagram is to facilitate the use of Instagram so that sing to you about you using the application of Instagram to completely load it on your phone through the link to download the application OGInsta that supports the Arabic language fully, and you can download audio and download video from Instagram instagram to video easily , Looking for a lot of users of social network Instagram for a way to save photos Instagram home Instagram direct, a way to download videos Instagram or download Instagram Arabic language support Arabic fully

Download application OGInstagram

Download Instagram plus alternative to Instagram for the original

insta plus Instagram Plus is an application rate into the formal and alternative , you can download images, audio clips and videos quickly and the quality is very high and store it in your phone directly and run sections of not having to click on them and you will show up in 60 seconds and the various advantages and attractive for application which facilitates your use of the social media network Instagram one of the most important of these alternatives is to Instagram plus Arabic language support fully other than the Instagram original and is one of the best conversion programs from Instagram free and with high quality

Download Instagram plus direct link

Important advantages in Instagram you may not know of the existence of most people

Instagram is one of the most important social networks in the present situation, that is after the announcement of more than 400 million active users of this network, compared to 300 million users in December 2014. With the many updates and developments on the application of Instagram has become a design contains many of features and functions perfect and useful for every user. But while the interface of the app is easy to use, but it is still there are some features that you may not know of its existence most of the users, which will enhance the overall experience into.

  • You can hide the filters the sound that you don’t use heavily

  • Hide all the photos that other users refer you.

  • You can see likes of your friends and activities of their account on Instagram

  • See all the photos that you have “liked” previously and record the activity of your

  • Activating notifications for your favorite to receive everything posted by this account

Check in the comments of Instagram and increase privacy

Bulletin the official page of the network real social Instagram that he became and given the user the freedom to open the comments on his publication, or shut down, which increased privacy and got this feature will impress a lot of users, Instagram private accounts of Celebrities , beginning with the transformation of the comments where users can now turn off the comments of any publication they want, whether photo or video, this means that the suspension will be selective so that the stop on the image and on the other, as you want.

The update adds another new feature related to the availability of the Like button “like” on the comments. .Where network announced Instagram about the possibility of admiring comments as it is on Facebook, they often stumble across the comment reflects what’s inside us instead of a reference to the owner and write a comment confirms that can choose to admiration. The course will appear on the heart icon next to each comment can upset them admirable comment

Know the details and explanation of the water from here.

Feature story on Instagram and posting photos and videos instant

ستوري الانستقرام
Storey Instagram

You property see story or story in Instagram and the new 2018 on the idea of posting pictures and videos that was captured immediately with the addition of some amendments such as adding textual comments and symbols and stuff, or modifying the filters and the dealer making audio or video and publish it for friends and fans instantly and for a period of 24 hours after the expiry of such period of posting is automatically deleted from the app you can also Instagram from watching people open the photo, or the publications store special cried out newly is the possibility of publishing a photo of the phone and not necessarily captured through the camera of Instagram but only to be within the saved images during the last 24 hours , Know more How to use a story and how to publish pictures and video clips and add them area, How do hanker tag one of your friends or followers within images or videos see through this subject of how the position technology : demonstrate the use of advantage see in Instagram pictures


Feature live Instagram insta live

لايف انستقرام 2018
Live Instagram 2018

The advantage of broadcast video direct to Instagram has been launched a short while ago to do a video direct duration of no more than an hour through your account on Instagram free , and was limited to only a set of accounts in the United States but now can anyone do a video broadcast of the match through the camera of his phone easily and got the water available to all States and all users of the application Instagram , on Instagram you can access through the button to publish a photo or video Story New where you have to choose the camera and you will be shown the option of creating live broadcasts , But you have to pay attention he will be notified of all the follow-up to let you have a moment have a video live feed on Instagram , go to this page to learn more How to use the feature live Instagram : a way to work live Instagram pictures steps to instagram live


The best ways to increase the number of followers your account on Instagram free

Many prefer users software photography and social media Instagram to increase the number of follow their and their friends to increase the access of a computer in their dissemination of their content and collect the biggest number of likes out of the and yada account activity and possibility to utilize them , all that by increasing the number of fluorine excreted to the account , there is the feast than the ways some take a lot of time for adoption on the content and some do not need the time or money pressing a button you get thousands of followers on Instagram , just download the application to increase the number of followers Instagram .

Download the program Crowdfire to increase the number of followers Instagram

Sweeten the account Instagram

Is one of the best applications that you can downloaded for Android and the faith in order to increase the number of fluorescent makers and the increase of traffickers at the expense of Instagram and also offers wonderful feature and is needed by most users Instagram is the analysis of your personal account through the management version of the traffickers that the app idea in bringing in followers of any account you enter it and find out the number of traffickers and non-traffickers, and the number interested as you on Instagram .
When you download the application crowdfire on a mobile phone can bring a meet of any country in the world from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and for many of the Arab States and the other where it brings you up real not fake very clear and easy and also without introducing any finance charges.

Download application crowdfire

Follow-up months, the accounts of fashion and fashion Instagram

Looking for a lot of girls of Instagram based on photo evening dresses through the accounts of the costumes and Instagram famous for the finest global brands and some of the equips you designs or evening dresses or dresses soft that you liked it. also you can find costumes Instagram veiled and jalabiya Instagram makeup Instagram and video makeup eyes, and videos and accounts you know makeup all of these things you know it likes through the accounts of fashion and make-up on Instagram through this thread where we gave you months accounts fashion and makeup and fashion on Instagram you can follow her immediately : the best account of the fashion and makeup Instagram fashion

instant cleaner for instagram organization account Instagram

When you learn the accounts of Instagram to damage from some fake accounts, or viruses or abuse of the traffickers and many of the things that make the user respond in some times to delete account Instagram social networking largest , There is the solution better and is maintaining the account, but the user needs sometimes to do a DELETE and clean all what is the income account on Instagram than I like accounts or publications, or comments or images are indicated not by download application instant cleaner for instagramيمكنك delete all those things at once with one mouse click and get rid of all the micro inside the account you can also choose things that don’t want to delete it from your account , so download the app cleaner for instagram in this case

Download application instant cleaner for instagram

Link to delete your account Instagram Delete instagram

To social networking no Cons besides its positives are known where a lot of people are learning to the problems or identity fraud or hacking of the special account , the best solution in such cases is to delete the account and Instagram and get rid of these problems or cancel the registration in Instagram , you can Instagram to delete your entire account to follow you and your photos and definitively can not be undone , Maybe you need to delete the entire account permanently or temporarily so that you can retrieve the account and its content in case I wanted to, provided I don’t exceed that limit her Instagram for whatever reason, know through this link on how to delete your account on Instagram, clearly and in detail and pictures of the steps : link to delete your account Instagram Delete instagram

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