Explained shopping catalogs phone Moto G7 Play

This topic explained shopping catalogs phone Moto G7 Play appeared on Engadget.

Revealed the latest leaks about the clearest audio for Moto G7 Play, which describes the design of the phone, to the side some detail to the specifications of the phone associated with the advertisement at the beginning of 2019.

Moto G7 Play -battry-leak

Before the official announcement of the Motorola upcoming Moto G7 Play the monitoring of the phone in leaks photographer clear, came out recently through the FCC, where she appeared many details about the phone’s size, its design, with some technical details.

Phone Moto G7 Play comes in accordance with the arrangements with the design by extrusion the top in the screen which includes flash and speakers sound to the side of the camera the front of the phone, but does not explain the leaks to integrate facial recognition technology in the camera front or not.

Also from the article that the phone comes with Snapdragon processor 632, as the phone features a design featuring the entrance to heaven, with the sensor of the fingerprint in the background, and also a USB port C.

Moto G7 Play-leak

Come phone Moto G7 Play with the camera, the background one, as revealing as the leaked images of the phone from the two of the colors are blue and black, as featuring phone battery 2820 mAh only, but in the meantime I can’t stress on the cause of the telescoping Motorola the size of the battery in the versions of the Play, where she presented Moto Z3 Play with a battery capacity of 3000 mAh, which decreased from the previous version that came in the capacity of 3510 mAh.

In the meantime, why challenge the Motorola the date of the official announcement of the phone Moto G7 Play, however, the projections suggest a conference to be held in March next year.


This topic explained shopping catalogs phone Moto G7 Play appeared on Engadget.

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