Explain how to keep your baby in one application on the iPhone and iPad !

How many times ask your child your iPhone or iPad in order to Play, or share photos, but didn’t lose sight of it find his has entered into other applications, or may cross here and there, and he doesn’t know what to do, here Apple TV found you a solution to protect your device, keep your baby in one application you choose, he can’t get out of it only with your permission, and today we will see how to activate this feature !

شرح كيفية إبقاء طفلك في تطبيق واحد على الأيفون !

Explain how to keep your baby in one application on the iPhone !

Water provided by Apple in its iOS on the iPhone and iPad are not new, but is old, and the advantage of access to the router, which, in short, a feature that allows you to keep one application running in the screen, your child can’t get out of it, this also includes the cases that may provide your device to your friend or someone in order to make a connection, then I don’t want to mess with the rest of your apps, and here comes the role of the access router.

Moreover, you can use the feature “access” to:

  • The Palace of running apps on your iPhone or iPad to a single application temporarily.
  • Disable areas of the screen not suitable for Play, or areas that may lead to a distraction because of the nod unintended
  • Disable the hardware buttons are different.

Continued to figure out a way to activate feature access the router !

Enter to “Settings” > “General” > “accessibility special needs” > “access the router” for the feature “access router”

You can also activate the option of selecting access, an option that lets you view sub-options in the Application screen is locked, to Options more as we will see in the Company Law.

Also, you can adjust the options to prevent access by pressing the option: settings of the access code in the same page, so to set the access code to access the router, or do the footprint activate the option Touch ID as in the following picture:

Start meeting “access router”, follow these steps:

  1. Open the app required to use it.
  2. Click three times above the Home screen button.
  3. Set the session settings through the options at the bottom of the screen, then click “Start”.

The following image demonstrates that:

Application Control key within the access touch screen and buttons:

You can use the feature “access router” to turn off the controls in the applications and parts of the screen and Motion Sensor. Follow these steps:

To disable the controls in the applications, areas of application screen, follow these steps:

  1. Put a circle on any part is required to disable it from the screen.
  2. Use the handles to adjust the area.

To ignore all the elements of the touch screen, turn off the feature “touch”.

To prevent the transmission of your device iPhone or iPad from vertical position to horizontal, or from responding to any other movements, turn off the “movement”, as shown in the following image:

Also, there is an option that lets you turn the feature to access the time you specify, so of the options listed in the previous step, within the specified time, after activating it shows you the time you choose is appropriate for you as the following picture shows:

Finish and get out of the session access router for a specific application !

If you are using a feature of the fingerprint or Touch ID on your iPhone or iPad, you can finish the session “access router”. First, go to “Settings” > “General” > “accessibility” > “access the router” > “setting an access code”, and turn on Touch ID.

Now, when you use the “access router”, you can end the session by following the steps below:

  1. Press the Home button once.
  2. Use Touch ID.

If you don’t use Touch ID on your device, follow the following steps to finish the session “access router”:

  1. Click three times above the Home screen button.
  2. Enter the password “access”.

These are among the most notable advantages available in the devices the iPhone and iPad, you can rely on now to manage the devices your children, check in the content key between their hands, or, as we mentioned, when you give your device to someone else.

What do you think about this feature? Are you using it earlier?

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