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How to improve internet speed for mobile

A lot of iPhone users of slow Internet connection, therefore, the process of loading a web page on the Safari browser or another browser or even download the contents of the applications and games that depend on the internet connection is usually bad for them , and of course there are ways to get rid of this problem or minimize it, in the end, the speed and quality of Internet the responsibility of the phone company, we know that most of them do not provide service to the local user , this is supposed to help guide users of the iPhone to increase internet speed and get a better browsing experience .

  • Connection use WiFi instead of cellular data

There are two ways to connect to the internet either use cellular data and this means the package is limited to your device by subscribing to have the phone company or purchase charge card balance.

Or call transfer, Wi-Fi both in the home or a public place or school, and to stop a dispenser, Wi-Fi in the neighborhood, it offers you the possibility to contact him.

WiFi connection is the fastest and best of cellular data, and that is why the best investment in this direction instead of buying cellular data.

To do this head to Settings then WiF then and call transfer, Wi-Fi.

تشغيل WiFi للايفون
Run WiFi for iPhone


  • Disable automatic conversion

If you enable this option, it could lead to slow internet speed, so I recommend turning off the automatic conversion.

To do this, go to Settings> iTune & App Store. Touch the slider to the left to the options to disable automatic downloads.

تعطيل التنزيلات التلقائية للايفون
Disable automatic downloads for iPhone
تعطيل التنزيلات التلقائية
Disable automatic downloads
  • System Update iOS

May suffer the device of problems with the internet connection, such as data consumption significantly problems or the advantages of lead to slow contact.

And, of course, in the case of informed Apple that they are working on software updates and release to those affected, and to update available for your device follow the following path: Settings -> General -> Software Update.


  • Switch Mode your cellular phone with a faster option

There are many options for cellular operator, for example, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE. Use the option service fastest will improve the speed of your cell phone. At present mostly 4G uses the Internet at a higher speed. So it is advised to switch to the mode of cellular fastest and to do that go to Settings -> Mobile Data -> Mobile Data Options.


  • Try disconnect from the internet and call him.

Looks like this completely reboot the computer, and what you do here is disable your device’s internet connection for a period ranging from 10 seconds to 20 seconds and then re-activated.

This step is small and simple that will lead to you getting in touch. best, after that have your phone connected for hours might not respond with the speed of the internet and needs you to do this.


  • Use the feature to browse a mobile version of sites and not a copy place.

Many browsers provide the feature to talk in a way that it can browse web sites, you direct the browser to a mobile version of the site or towards the master copy which is a copy of the Office.

It’s better to do feature to browse a mobile version, the latter designed to be fast on mobile phones including iPhones.


  • Use the browser Opera Mini

This is the browser Opera is the fastest in the market and the best among the options available at the current time, which is faster than Safari as well as Google Chrome.

It’s designed for developing markets and emerging networks call quality poor and the sound pressure video clips, images and also data consuming.


  • Use the paid version of the app

Apps and games free ads, and others, like Facebook, collect data from your phone, therefore the operations of order from you constitutes an additional strain on the internet connection in your device.

This is usually recommended to purchase apps and games it does not show ads and does not seek to exploit your data or laying ads in your device and downloads other apps.

  • Clear the cache in iPhone

There is no doubt that using the internet on iPhone for days without clearing the cache causes slowness in browsing as a result of the accumulation of temporary data.

As this adversely affects the performance of applications that rely on Internet in their work, there are many popular apps that clears the cache in the iPhone, including the application of the Power Clean and also the application Magic Phone Cleaner.

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