Experts iFixit dismantle the iPad Pro and the Apple’s new

After the launch of any devices, e-mail, especially from Apple over to the specialized report of the panel of experts repair site iFixit; the iFixIt website for those who don’t know it is months global locations, specialized in hardware decoder and ways to fix them and wait for everyone his report, to bear the internal organs and we review the process of dismantling the iPhone X before you can follow this article “amazing! The dismantling of the iPhone X“. Most recently they dismantled devices MacBook Air and Mac mini new, and yesterday published a reform experts at iFixit disassemble the iPad Pro size 11 inch so how was the result? And iPad Pro easy or difficult repair? And the source components of this device? And there are secrets to not looking by Apple? All this and more you know in this article proceed with us.

خبراء iFixit يفككون آي-باد برو وقلم أبل الجديدين

In the beginning hindered the speakers and cover the motherboard to reach a A12X Bionic, but in the end the team was able to have full access to the motherboard and then its components fully and on her head The Wizard the wonderful A12 Bionic SoC, access to the storage capacity up to 64 GB of Toshiba, also there is a ram with a size of 4 GB from the company Micron, the control unit of the NFC, the unit of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from the design of Apple, two controllers, a touch-screen from company Broadcom specialized in the semiconductor industry, a controller in the power of Texas Instruments.

He stated the Reform panel that the battery of the iPad Pro 2018 are more amenable to reform than the previous generation. So easy to removed, and easily removing the adhesive tapes the bottom of the battery that can be withdrawn. They found a large amount of adhesive down the left side of the battery, it seems to act a little bit. In the end lets experts fix of removing the battery and found they sought a 7812 Ma work at 3.77 volts capacity 29.45 watt-hours which is a slight difference compared to the iPad Pro size 10.5 inches, which was battery operated 30.8 Watts.

Given the components of the fingerprint, Face ID, pointed out expert repairs to it is the same basic devices that have already been seen in Apple devices starting from iPhone X, but with a few adjustment in Fig.

Then the iFixit team removed the fish, then charging pad Pencil Apple and USB-C port which has been modified wholly other than IP devices-previous iPad. Apart from the charging port of the old Lightning on the IP devices-iPad old where it was welded directly in the command, the Lost Art of Apple in the iPad Pro 2018 USB-C is not soldered to a motherboard, but it can be connected via flat peseux is connected to the system it is installed on the motherboard.

Finally, the use of experts iFixit devices ultrasonic “Ultrasonic blade” in order to dismantle and dismember pen new Apple TV, and discover content by a battery and wireless charging and the magnet that attracts it to an iPad controller touch.

As experts note what looks like a young Saudi “sensors detect and measure the proximity and tracking and different gestures and much more, which is the sensor found in the foundation to replace the buttons and are still under development,” it is also believed they used to record the input the user clicks on the pencil and Apple TV. According to the team iFixit, help this young designated pen in determining the place and time of the click on the pen, therefore ask the panel of experts whether Apple intend to enter the gestures are more complex in the future on that pen or not.

In general, the receiving device iPad Pro against the 11-inch test score of 3 of 10 where 10 is the easiest to fix (was the previous version you get 2) . Perhaps the thing that made iPad Pro an easy fix a bit is the USB-C port and remove button Hom fingerprint. Noted iFixit team that adhesive was present in every place inside the machine, this makes the reform process more difficult.


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