Expert opinion: Android attracts more and more fans iOS

Each person has different system requirements. Someone important functions, and someone design and usability. That is why for a long time iOS from this point of view remained for many a leader. System a pleasure to use, which cannot be said about Android a few years ago when the system was only viewed as a kind of software with defined features.

Times when you need to praise Android for its openness and the ability to transfer music to memory, are gone. With the growing popularity of web services need to store anything on a smartphone is completely lost, so all the key features of Android as a system, today is not so conspicuous.

What then distinguishes Android and iOS 2019? However, as such differences-and not for the average consumer. The apps on iOS seem to be slightly more comfortable due to the best approach for scaling, but in General all the same.

Google, releasing Material 2.0 in terms of design stood on a stage with Apple

Can we now say that it is prettier than iOS or the Android? No. That’s why I think that iPhone owners in the future will go to Android smartphones because they are software became not worse than the iPhone and are thus much cheaper.

Functionally, the system is very similar. What is Android what is not in iOS? We can use social media both on iOS and on Android. Systems offer blinds with quick settings and notifications are supported by quick responses to messages. Even Digital Wellbeing was added to the system at the same time. I do not take into account third-party add-ons from manufacturers of smartphones, but if included, get functional Android that much better.

The main reason why people choose Android is that it is cheaper, better. iOS is a rather expensive system based on that people choose what is closer to them; system (iOS) is getting more and more expensive. Progress (Android) itself is, but it is present long enough, that is, Android allows you to do much more than iOS,” mobile analyst and editor Eldar Murtazin

So what is the real superiority of one over the other? The only thing that could get consumers to look at iOS, it’s 5 years of support. iPhone 5s still ranks fourth in the list of the most popular iPhone. Give me at least one device of 2013, which is used today as many people? Not please write in the comments what you support is important, the position of “we have this and we don’t need it” a dead-end.

“In recent years, Android not only caught up but surpassed iOS in many ways. Judge for yourself: a few years ago the owners of iPhones was laughing at the glitches and brakes, as well as low battery life in Android, and now iPhone loses on the submarine and the smoothness of operation.

But despite this, iOS is too early to write off, it still holds tightly to its users, thanks to sophisticated ecosystem and neat appearance of applications. And I myself still use an iPhone, despite understanding all the advantages of Android,” — Eugene Vildyaev, an expert in the field of smartphones and is the author of articles on the site

Android has grown in design, but its openness more than most uninteresting, iOS remains the same, but not far behind from Android to new features, in my opinion. Introducing Project Treble, Google has significantly reduced the time the updates, but people want even and long lasting support. 2 consider a very small number, so only this can be a real superiority of iOS over Android today. Today Google is working on a new operating system Rose, it can is final to determine who will become the obvious leader in the near future.

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