Experiment. Mining-pool, NiceHash and Kryptex — where you can earn more?

This year we conducted some cool experiments. For example, in early July, took three computers with gaming graphics cards and found out how much they earn in a week. At the end of the same month tried production on budget devices and got good results. The rules of the new experiment are different: we take the same graphics card, but dig cryptocurrency on different platforms. Which one is more profitable?

Will immediately answer the main question: mining is still relevant and makes money. The equipment owners once again realize that after the recent jump of Bitcoin. 25 Oct major cryptocurrency has jumped to 10 thousand dollars and pulled him the rest of the coins. For example, Ethereum is now worth about $ 190, although in February for ETH gave 103 bucks. In General, the conditions allow you to think about working with graphics — including beginners.

To save your time and increase profits, we in practice found out where mine profitable. And now the details of the experiment.

The contents

Mining-experiment from 2Биткоина

For tests, we took three Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti. It is a popular option, which is often found in modern computers. Accordingly, users will be able to “try on” earnings for yourself.

The remaining conditions of the experiment:

  • what platforms mainile the bullet 2Miners, NiceHash and Kryptex;
  • how long was the experiment for exactly a week. 10:00 21 October 10:00 28 Oct.;
  • is there any difference in earnings — Yes, with a significant;
  • if the results of the experiment for the other cards — Yes.

A little help on the platforms for mining.

  • 2Miners — popular mining pool, which graphics card users find the blocks and get the reward. There are 19 coins, and in the modes of PPLNS and SOLO. Pool consistently uses more than 9 thousand people. Over the past month, the pool paid the miners the equivalent of 2.53 million dollars.;
  • NiceHash service for the rental of computing power, where some users are buying power from others. Updated version of the platform also received cryptocurrency exchange, so users can exchange the seven of coins: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, ZEC and DASH;
  • Kryptex platform for beginners format “click property”. It uses the computational power of the devices and pays for it in bitcoins or rubles. Popular among beginners, because it is sufficient to install the program and register in the personal Cabinet.

That mine on Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti

For mining on the pool, we chose Ravencoin — the day of the experiment, it was the most profitable version of the calculator 2CryptoCalc.

The profit calculator mining 2CryptoCalc works simply: you specify Hasrat your video card at the required algorithm, click calculate and get a cryptocurrency that is now mine the most profitable. In addition, you can see the projected income of mining. In the near future, the platform will know heraty different graphics cards, so it would be even easier. Similar can calculator WhatToMine.

Recall that the first of October in the network of cryptocurrency held a forkthat changed the algorithm of extraction on X16Rv2. As a result of network kicked ASIC miners, so the profitability of cards has grown. Here, the course of bitcoin during the start of the test.

Source: CoinMarketCap.com

NiceHash and Kryptex decide what we will mine cryptocurrency. That is, the users don’t control how it uses their computing resources. As the developers of the platforms they are digging the most profitable coins.

It should be noted that making platforms create a certain algorithm it is still possible — but you need to sit in the settings.

We also recorded the predicted income production RVN on mining-pool that predicted by the calculator 2CryptoCalc. For the week we were promised 3.28 USD.

Source: 2CryptoCalc.com

After that, the experiment started. Here Hasrat work Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti on mining-pool 2Miners. The average amounted to 24.75 Mh/s.

Source: 2Miners.com

Here is a week of mining at NiceHash.

Source: NiceHash.com

By the way, it looks like NiceHash Miner running.

Source: NiceHash Miner

And finally, seven days by Kryptex.

Source: Kryptex.org

How’s mining in 2019

Before you consider the final profit in the experiment, we fix the course of bitcoin. The cost of the RVN at the end of the experiment was 2.95 cents.

Source: CoinMarketCap.com

The results of the week of mining was as follows.

  • 2Miners — 105.435 RVN or 3.11 of the dollar ;
  • NiceHash — 0.00033251 3.08 BTC or dollar;
  • Kryptex — 0.00024199 2.30 BTC or dollar.

Immediately put screenshots of profitability that we recorded. The first is 2Miners.

Source: 2Miners.com

Here is a summary of NiceHash.

Source: NiceHash.com

And Kryptex.

Source: Kryptex.org

Earnings in the mining — real money

But to draw conclusions and to call a clear winner yet. Earnings is one thing, but the real money withdrawn is quite another. Analyze the Commission and the minimum withdrawal amount for each platform.

2Miners: the minimum payout on the pool Ravencoin from 2Miners is 50 RVN. The Commission for the conclusion there. It turns out that after a week of mining we can obtain the entire amount of the purse.

Source: 2Miners.com

NiceHash: balance in bitcoins, the Commission is missing, but there is a significant disadvantage. The minimum amount for withdrawal is 0.001 BTC. This means that for payments will have mine for at least three weeks. Therefore, regular payments will be quite rare.

Source: NiceHash.com

Kryptex: the platform does not compensate for the transaction cost in BTC, so the fee after the withdrawal of our 2.28 of the dollar will decrease by 93 cents (the fixed fee is 0.0001 BTC). So we are staying with the 1.35 dollar. So, withdraw smaller amounts with Kryptex in BTC unprofitable.

Source: Kryptex.org

The Cryptex there are other withdrawal options: Qiwi, Yandex Money, Bank cards, WebMoney and other. Qiwi is currently not working — so it will be until the first of December.

Source: Kryptex.org

Yandex Money take a one percent Commission with a minimum payout of $ 100. The Commission, in the case of Bank cards is 60 rubles + 3 per cent, but you can withdraw only 500 rubles. The Commission to WebMoney is equal to 3.5 percent. It is important to remember that the Cryptex was the least profitable for this week, so any Board hurts the pocket.

The final results at the conclusion of earnings in bitcoin following:

  • 2Miners: 105.435 was RVN — RVN withdraw 105.435 ;
  • NiceHash: BTC was 0.00033251 — 0.00033251 withdraw BTC, but when the threshold is reached at 0.001 BTC;
  • Kryptex: was 0.00024199 BTC — withdraw 0.00014199 (flat fee — 0.0001 BTC).

Conclusions mining-experiment

The results speak for themselves. Thus formed a dependence: the more the service provides automation, the smaller the earnings of the user. In order to increase his income makes sense to install the program you wantto edit .bat file and start mining. In General, to deal with the work on the pool is easy — here’s the setup procedure in the video format. Russian subtitles are.

Otherwise the card will not show the maximum efficiency and will bring less money. But there is good news: to remedy the situation enough for a few minutes.


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