Expected to increase sales of wireless headsets to 129 million units in 2020

The latest report published on the internet today that sales of wireless headsets will increase in the next year to reach 129 million units, according to an analysis of the current market indicators.

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Confirmed one of the companies to for in the report recently, sales of wireless headsets will achieve significant growth through 2020, the report also noted that the headset Apple wireless base AirPods will contribute significantly to the expected growth in sales of wireless headsets.

The report asserted that Apple will try to push the sales of the next version of the headset AirPods wireless to compensate for the significant decline in sales of phones iPhone, which has seen his company this year, so it is also expected to take Apple on the largest market share of sales of wireless headsets next year by up to 75% or the equivalent of 35 million units.

The report also noted that the headset Samsung Galaxy Buds will also contribute to sales growth over the next year, along with versions of each of the companies Huawei, Bose, وJabra, the وBragi to the side of the headphones LG wireless, with the expectations of the entry of Google and Amazon to compete in the market of wireless headsets during the next year also.

Recall that the feature Plugin to the default built-in wireless headsets will also be one of the nurses that drive sales of wireless headsets, which will come the benefits of more support the user in the next versions.


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