Expectations provide TVs Samsung law Assistant Google Voice and the new voice

In a report for Variety has been talking about the possibility to provide the Samsung devices to your TV for 2019 Assistant Google Voice on the contrasting approaches was not followed by the company in the present time or rather in a copy of their organs current, which enjoy only the support assistant Samsung Bixby motivated to maintain a competitive atmosphere, on the other hand noted the report to the fact that the company will feature its next report of a new voice talking with the bureau.

It is expected in the case to support the Samsung TV to the audio tour of that same mechanism is used with those used in the screen of the LG, which added support assistant the beginning of the year which is, of course, used to control the degree of images and flipping between channels in addition to the possibility to ask questions and receive answers; it’s like asking what’s about the weather, for example, in addition to some other tasks that relate to mobility and on TV.

And given that Samsung is the largest company selling TVs globally it seems weird to support their assistant Google after a period of work its hard work to compete with Amazon parking in this area by providing all their products with her assistant Bixby, in the resolution may be beyond his sense of the police not to the efficiency of her assistant for a moment, competition in the presence of devices for other companies enjoy the support of aid more efficient and meet the requirements of customers better.

There was no comment from the company on this subject where the refusal of official spokesperson to make any statement on the subject, while the report stated that Samsung has already filed a patent about the vocal techniques to adapt to the place earlier in the year.

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