Expectations of the announcement of your Mi Notebook Air New on the 26th of March

Use Xiaomi company to hold its next conference on March 26, according to the declaration painting which was fired from the company recently, where projections indicate that shawty’s on her way to announce the new version of devices Mi Notebook Air.

Xiaomi teaser

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The company launched the Shawty teaser of a new conference hall on the 26th of March, where the monitoring of the teaser at the expense of the Department notebook official from, which refers to a new update for your laptop, Mi Notebook Air size 12.5 inch.

Appears in the teaser of the conference the weight of 1.07 kg, which is the weight of the current version of the device case, with the question about the optimal weight, where the projections indicate that the ad alludes to the lower weight version Associated.

It is scheduled to come to new version improvements for your Mi Notebook Air Current, which features a 12.5-inch with quality display FullHD, comes better in the processing unit between the Core m3-7Y30 or Core i5-7Y54 from Intel, it also comes memory random 4 GB RAM, with a storage capacity of 128 or 256 GB, also made of metal, so should we expect the opening of the Shawnee during the days to get better on its technology new.


I know of

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