Expectations of increased sales assistance audio home 50% in 2019

After the launch of Amazon’s first voice assistant in 2014, opened prospects for a new era in raising the level of its sales are electronic, which helped smart devices in the mainstreaming of the idea of artificial intelligence, opening the field wide to share the idea and development of household products connected to it.

In a report from the NPD, said the institution competent analyses that it expects hardware sales growth of 50% during the period between 2018-2019 compared with the 2016-2017, it is expected to continue growth in sales alongside the rise of the dollar, which will be 2.7 billion people in 2019.

At the same time was a Google are watching closely and its offerings in this area, where the company also added three screens and a new smart to aid home design Lenovo and LG JBL.

As well as the back of Apple and enrolled for the Council with her voice HomePod, has offered Google its service similar HomeMax, joined Samsung content recently where it announced assistant audio Galaxy Home.

Hope all the competitors above are great to wear sales assistance voice, at the same time will lead to increased demand for products of the smart home, where they showed the police that 19% of consumers in the United States, determined to buy products over the next year.

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