Executive director at Kickstarter leave his position in conjunction with the formation of the union employees of the company

المدير التنفيذي في Kickstarter يترك منصبه بالتزامن مع تشكيل نقابة لموظفي الشركة

Announced, Perry Chen, co-founder and executive director at platform for fundraising and support known, Kickstarter, about his resignation from his position as executive director after nearly two years on the occupation for the current, to leave a dear right to take temporary assignments before choosing his successor.

Was Perry Chen has been co-founding platform Kickstarter and worked in as executive director until 2014 when he left to buy his other Yancy Strickler, before you leave the last company in 2017 to Qi for the second time.

Comes to read the Qi of independence coincided with the formation of the organization’s staff to move to keep them in hopes of improving the work environment and make it more transparent, and raise accountability in the company, to become one of the first companies to large technical that you say such a thing.

Worth noting that Perry Chiu will continue in his post the other with Kickstarter as the board of directors to help it continue to grow.

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