Excursus in history: top 10 shocks for Bitcoin

In the history of Bitcoin each of these events deserves a separate Chapter. Revolution coin going smoothly, so it is not so easy to describe in the form of a simple list of facts. The following is a brief history of technology, which prepared the greatest milestones. In chronological order of the days that shook the Bitcoin to the algorithms.

12 Dec 2010 – final bow Satoshi

One of the landmark events happened to Bitcoin before most people found out about it. 12 Dec 2010 shook the community immediately, but went down in history as the most important date of confirmation of the first unit. On this day, Satoshi Nakamoto wrote his last post on Bitcointalk. Then gracefully disappeared from sight. Probably we did not know why Satoshi disappeared. The only explanation – a vague message in the last letter, Mike Hernu of 23 April 2011, where Satoshi explains that “focused on other things.”

The day before, he expressed disapproval over the fact that Wikileaks is using Bitcoin to bypass the lock Visa:
“It would be better to attract attention in any other context. Wikileaks has stirred up a hornet’s nest, and now Roy is flying at us.”

October 2, 2013 – Covered Silk Road

It is difficult to convey how important the role in promoting Bitcoin played Silk Road. And how many we owe to the gentle pacifist, now serving a life sentence without PAROLE for their technological acumen? 2 Oct 2013 the brilliant creation of Ross Ulbricht came to an end. Then the FBI put 29-year-old Creator on the floor at the library San Francisco, where he came to the server.

Source: bitcoin.com

Instead of the familiar home page Silk Road began to display a message to the FBI about the arrest of the servers, and Bitcoin subsequently lost 25 percent of its value, falling to $ 109. For those who supported the Silk Road and its dashing captain Roberts, the world will never be the same. And BTC has since grown 60 times.

Nov 27, 2013 – Bitcoin breaks $ 1000

This list can contain many records. For example, breaking the mark of $ 100 only 7 months before. That day it seemed crazy, but 1000 is already something out of science fiction. Bitminer never have dreamed of such a rapid overcoming of this boundary. Only later it became known that the bubble inflated BTC exchange Mt.Gox and Willy the bot. But even this can not overshadow the memories of how Bitcoin 1000 showed the middle finger to the establishment.

To Blockfolio, widgets and push notifications all watched the price of BTC to Bitcoinity.org. When bitcoin reached $ 1,000, the site moved the decimal point three places to the left. Just the dollar price is now held on the screen too much space.

February 24, 2014 – the Collapse of Mt.Gox

After the collapse of the “Titanic” from the world of Bitcoin it’s been five years, and the damage is compensated. But for early users who have the exchange failed stuck money, Mt.Gox is still a sore subject. Several weeks in a row it was obvious that Mt.Gox something’s not right, but its spectacular collapse still caused shock and anger. An unpleasant aftertaste remained for a long time. Because of the collapse of the largest crypto currency exchange Bitcoin included in this peak, the recovery from which took several years.

2 may 2016 – Craig Wright = Satoshi Nakamoto?

For Satoshi Nakamoto posed by many, and many for it was, but the world’s attention was drawn to only two cases. In March 2014 the edition of Newsweek outed Dorian Nakamoto. But nothing compares with the case when Craig Wright volunteered for this role. Perhaps he flattered the growth of your own popularity after the publication Wired has suggested his connection with the Nakamoto pseudonym.

Source: betcoin.ag

Gavin Andresen confirmed digital signature that ran in the popular media, and Craig Wright began to bathe in the glory. But then came the inconsistencies. Evidence linking Wright with Satoshi quickly denied, and Wright became a pariah nicknamed “Factory”. Many still allow their connection to Satoshi, but now nobody will believe that he is Satoshi.

17 July 2016 – DAO

Like Silk Road, DAO had no direct relationship to Bitcoin. However, the collapse of the flagship project of Ethereum, along with the theft of ETH $ 50 million caused an outcry in the industry. This prompted Vitalik Buterin to collect crisis online conference with the founders of the exchanges. There was still hope to reverse the negative consequences. “Guys, could you suspend the auction”, – he pleaded, giving a reason for memes. The Ethereum eventually recovered, but only after a rollback of the blockchain and hard forks. On that day, the maximalism of Bitcoin has gained new supporters, many of which have since been suspicious of ETH.

25 Jul 2017 – Sunset BTC-E

In July 2017 in Greece at the request of the U.S. justice Department arrested Alexander winnick. Then the market didn’t even blink. By the time the questionable Russian market has long been irrelevant, but its role in the history of crypto-currencies remains significant.

Source: ntv.ru

BTC-E was the place where traders gain experience. That was sort of the last town of the “Wild West” where, did not request identification and did not ask too many questions. Here were held the first artificial Pampa under the command of characters like Fontas. They famously manipulated setkeyname like Peercoin long before the notion of “sitkol”. There is speculation that it was here were washed a large part of bitcoins stolen from Mt.Gox.

August 1, 2017 – the Birth of Bitcoin Cash

The events of 21 July 2017, when the network endorsed SegWit and hard forks of Bitcoin, was a landmark for a number of reasons. The advance was not clear enough miners support SegWit, but in the end the proposal was accepted. In the air the uncertainty that’s been compounded by the increasing tension warnings about the fatal split of the blockchain and the collapse of the market. In the end SegWit be activated, and Bitcoin has split into two camps. To reconcile them failed, but each of them received some of the benefits: supporters of the smaller block – SegWit, supporters of the larger Bitcoin Cash.

19 Dec 2017 – the Rise of Bitcoin Cash

In a few crazy hours in December last year, it seemed that Bitcoin Cash can produce one of the greatest feats in the history of cryptocurrency. He could even get around the original Bitcoin market capitalization. In the end, the shopping madness of the South Korean stock exchanges with zero commissions and terrible FOMO Asians exhausted. It happened when the price BCH ballooned to 0.25 BTC.

Source: bitcoin.com

17 Dec 2017 – BTC on 20 thousand

According to Onchainfx, the weighted average historical high of Bitcoin is 20 089$. However, on certain exchanges, the price dipped slightly below $ 20 000. In November and December 2017 for every day provoked vertigo, inspired an ocean of optimism. And then poured lots of funny titles, and much more that directly pointed to the overvalued market. It was a good time for owners of bitcoins, and those who did not buy and just watched stunned. Perhaps this madness, we’ll see. At least until the next bull market.

22 Dec 2017 – a Record fee of Bitcoin Core

One of the reasons for hard forks of Bitcoin in the summer of 2017 were disagreements about the size of the block. Company Blockstream and working in its state, the Bitcoin Core developers preferred units no larger than 2 MB. Even though network congestion and ridiculous Commission. And although Bitcoin Cash has provided a solution for those who prefer larger blocks, Bitcoin Core stubbornly insisted. This discord has led to unprecedented growth commissions. 22 Dec the average Commission was $ 55.

More data look at cryptodata.

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