Ex-Apple engineer explained why in iOS and macOS 13 10.15 so many problems

iOS and macOS 10.15 13, which came out this fall, became one of the most problematic versions of the operating system over the past few years. Indeed, during the first month after their launch, Apple released them 3-5 updates with fixes, but was unable to resolve all the problems that crept into the release build. Some users even decided that the problem is a characteristic of odd versions of operating systems Apple, because the 10 and 12-I was working quite properly. But David Shaer, a former Apple engineer who worked in the company for 18 years, explainedthat numerology has nothing to do with.

iOS 13 very functional, but because – unstable

The contents

As ecosistemele hurting Apple

Ecosystem — the pride of Apple, but it complicates the development of a new OS

Many remember that during the Steve jobs iOS and macOS had so many problems as their modern versions. It is not a myth but true, because some ten years ago range of Apple products was much narrower. Increasing it, the company had to take into account the characteristics of each product in each of its OS, because they all form a single ecosystem. It’s really hard, given that in recent years the lineup Apple has increased several times when compared with the middle zero – the beginning of the tenth years.

Innovations disturb iOS to be stable

A large number of innovations iOS harms 13

Apple is not standing still in its development and regularly extends the capabilities of the operating systems. IOS 13, the company announced the appearance of many features, which previously just was not – from the calculation of your expected arrival time in Apple Maps to shared folder access in iCloud Drive. The developers are aiming to release an update in time, and because of the abundance of innovations corny do not have time and they have to postpone them. But even the method of successive launch of new features is not working very well because we have to somehow associate them with the old, to avoid internal conflict.

How to report the problem to Apple

Apple allows you to report problems in their OS, but not all

Operating systems, Apple has a special tool which sends the company information about various failures. It helps developers to understand why apps crash and activation of various functions provokes a reboot. But, unfortunately, this tool collects information only on critical situations like a departure, but does not account for other bugs that do not lead to shutdown. So users often encounter situations when something isn’t working or isn’t working, not to mention the failures of the layout. These bugs Apple collects the old fashioned way – according to the feedback of testers.

Why Apple ignores bugs

After the release of iOS 13, updates bring iPhone users more problems than joy

Developers Apple has priority, in accordance with which are made all the fixes. First fix critical bugs that prevent the launch or a stable operation of key functions. They also include problems with updates, problems with the authorization. Minor bugs that can irritate no less corrected in the last turn. This may be a wrong layer colored elements to each other, when the text may not be visible in the background.

Apple only care about new devices

Apple is set to improve only the new devices, and that’s a fact

Another guiding principle for Apple when testing and debugging new versions of the OS, is that they worked perfectly on new devices. If the company find out that some update function operates correctly on the iPhone 11 and 8 iPhone, in Cupertino in the first place will fix the bug in the firmware iPhone 11 if the bug is not universal. But this is understandable, because the new devices form the image of the company, and they should be key articles of income for the next year.

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