Everything you wanted to know about the work of Litecoin

Perhaps you have heard about digital currency called Litecoin is a digital currency that has achieved success in the potential upside of the recent work of digital. Whether you’ve heard or not, in this article you’ll find most of what you’ll want to know about this currency which is considered one of the most important digital currency currently in the middle of lots and lots of digital currencies that are traded in large volumes each day through the internet.

What is Litecoin and how it works?

Coin Litecoin is a Peer to Peer like Bitcoin, and with the support of the software is open source, is considered in the transfer currency with the protocol to encrypt the optical, where they are not controlled by any organization. Simply coin Litecoin is similar to and inspired largely from the work of Bitcoin in terms of a lot of aspects, but it is faster and much cheaper. Have increased the value of the currency dramatically over the recent period.

Significant growth recently.

Increased the value of Litecoin recently where they arrived on the eighteenth of December last to the highest value not at all a 360.93 $ after was $ 4.4 dollars a year before, where one has increased in this period increased by 8200%. This certainly reflects the demand for currency but also reflects the significant increase in the size of the market for digital currencies, which rose from 17.7 million to $ 650 million in one year an increase of 3600%.

Currency trading Litecoin

Managed currency Litecoin in achieving great success as an alternative to Bitcoin in the time that grew in this market significantly and his income a large number of traders who are looking all of them for profit. Automatically with the increase of the size of the market for digital currencies, has increased the turnout dramatically on alternative currencies for Bitcoin and who was on top of Ethereum, Litecoin.

The founder of currency Litecoin

The foundations of Charlie Lee coin Litecoin in October 2011 to complement the work of the Bitcoin and some of its problems which include time spent on transfers and the cost of these transfers and others. Said Charlie who previously worked at Google taking the code base from Bitcoin held upon the amendments that it believes will be the best. It has succeeded in doing so that the process of transfer of Litecoin is faster four times than the process of transfer Bitcoin wallet to another.

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