Everything you wanted to know about hacking servers ASUS PC

Enables hackers to hack into servers with Asus, flashed official update devices, users can cut through dissemination of malicious software. He attacked hackers tool Live Update to deploy software to devices up to a million users through updates to look formal, according to the preliminary results reached by researchers at Kaspersky Lab.

Hack discovered by Kaspersky, which reported to ASUS on 31 January, while the company will notify its customers and users of its wearer, although Kaspersky indicated the presence of malicious software planted in the computers of the users.

Recently, Asus launched a new version of the performance of the Live Update, and introduced multiple mechanisms for security to prevent any manipulation is harmful in future updates, as the encryption layer of the end-to-end, she has updated the biography to prevent future attacks.


The ability of Kaspersky that was distributed malicious software on about one million device. Most of the users Asus devices will not face any raised long, but the hackers targeted more than 600 device in particular, so that it is not known how much damage the devices.

The Kaspersky create tool adjustable on the computers, allows users to check whether their devices from between 600 device that is targeted specifically, and issued company Asus tool similar.

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