Everything you need to know about the battery cover smart docking-iPhone XS

Apple launched the days before caps fitted batteries called the battery cover smartphone. It is designed for I-phone XS and XS Max and XR .To help extra battery life added to the latest phones of Apple. In this article we will discuss in some detail all about those batteries. And can be used with iPhone X? And the amount of work that add docking-iPhone? And do you support shipping methods standard? Etc. Proceed with us.

كل ما تحتاج معرفته عن غطاء البطارية الذكي للآي-فون XS

How it works the battery cover smart?

Looks like the battery cover smart covers and other standard, but with a bump added on the back cover contains the battery extra. And while it is connected pissed when-Meet the working smart battery as an extra battery for-iPhone. It is through a port Lightning built-in cover is connected to the port iPhone, a port provides extra down a little bit to drink through it.

What capacity the battery cover smart?

Each one of those batteries on my cell battery the total capacity of 1.369 Ma. And operated hard top, 10.1 watts, which makes its capacity higher than the cover of the batteries previous for-iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 has been said that in an news on the sidelines of last week ” you can check it out for more details.

What is the amount of battery life cover Apple smartphone?

Steal Apple TV the battery life of the smart cover, the approximate average of each device as follows:

◉ Battery life overall for-iPhone XR Plus battery cover up to 39 hours, and 22 hours of internet use, and 27 hours for video playback.

◉ Battery life overall for-iPhone XS Plus battery cover, up to 37 hours, and 21 hours of the internet, and 25 hours for video playback.

◉ Battery life overall for-iPhone XS Max Plus battery cover, talk time up to 37 hours, and 20 hours of internet, video playback up to 25 hours.

In comparison with the age of the battery core each of those devices only, be as follows:

◉ IPhone XR, up to 25 hours, and 15 hours internet, the and 16 hours of video.

◉ IPhone XS, up to 20 hours, and 12 hours of Internet, 14 hours of video.

◉ IPhone XS Max, up to 25 hours of talk, 13 hours of internet, and 15 hours for video.

Given the age of the battery is the strike alone, it provides as follows:

◉ IPhone XR: may be more than 14 hours, and 7 hours internet, the and 11 hours playback video.

◉ IPhone XS: had more than 13 hours, and 9 hours of internet, and 11 hours for video.

◉ IPhone XS Max: have more than 12 hours, and 7 hours of internet, 10 hours for video.

Of course the above is just estimates from Apple in the case of the operating standard and the Treaty on certain tasks on the iPhone. Otherwise the life of the batteries depends essentially on the way to run you. But in general these batteries add a lifetime of extra rates ranging from 50 to 75% depending on the way you work on the iPhone.

How to charge the battery of the Smart Cover

Battery Smart Cover supports wireless charging so you can charge both the phone battery cover at the same time via wireless charging.

You can recharge the battery cover by a separate Lightning also. If you are using a power adapter with a capacity of 18 and devices MacBook Air أوMacBook Pro or MacBook, USB-C to Lightning will be shipping in a faster manner.

Will be charging the battery iPhone by the battery cover if it is low, then the battery cover. And can charge the battery lid alone through the disarmament of its iPhone and connected to the network.

You can see the condition of the battery once connected to the charging port or placed on the wireless charging dock. Or through widget reserved for him, Where are displayed all the batteries related to the iDevice-iPhone, such as battery core, battery cover and battery the Apple Watch and battery AirPods.

Come that covers the smartphone priced at $ 129 in white or black, it is made of the same materials in the coverings of Silicon from Apple.

Do you work battery Smart Cover on the iPhone X?

Yes, but with some warnings. Where Are these batteries work on the iPhone XS. There are slight differences between the two phones, the cover is not perfectly matched with a phone speaker, external microphone, as well as a separate camera in the lid is not perfectly matched. It has also lead to the appearance of a message stating that your iPhone is not compatible with the battery. You can exclude that window will be battery operated. If you encounter a problem in shipping you may need to restart the iPhone X or waiting for the system update to iOS 12.1.3, which continues to lay eggs.

What do you think about the battery cover smart decision from Apple TV? And are you excited? Tell us in the comments.



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