Everything on the farm: mining Bitcoin has become more favorable after the fall of difficulty

Mine Bitcoin now easier — shortly after the fall Hasrat cryptocurrency complexity of its production have fallen under the rules of the network. Recall, almost all the year 2018, Hasrat Bitcoin grew, oblivious to the falling price of cryptocurrency. It seems that now the miners had a major impact in the market.

How much is one bitcoin mining

According Blockchain.com, Hasrat and complexity of mining cryptocurrency is experiencing a sharp drop for several weeks in a row. At the moment, Hasrat Bitcoin dropped to about 30 aksaka. In other words, this indicator returned to its June value.

Image source — Bitcoinist

XDEX chief analyst Fernando Ulrich said that the current drop Hasrat is one of the worst in the short history of cryptocurrencies. The last time the miners were so disappointed in Bitcoin back in 2011. Ulrich also published detailed statistics of all more or less significant drops Hasrat.

The reason lies in the mass disable ASIC-miners from the network due to the fall in the profitability of mining Bitcoin. The crisis has hit Chinese mining small and medium scale. Now they massively sell the old model of Asimov, to somehow cover their losses. In a recent interview, the head of F2Pool Mao Lixing reported about disabling more than 600 thousand items of equipment for mining.

Image source — Bitcoinist

Recall that the difficulty of Bitcoin mining is adjusted according to Hasrat every 2016 blocks, i.e. every two weeks. After another retune it fell, so mine is the main cryptocurrency is now much more profitable than Bitcoin forks Cash. Up to this point for a short period of the palm of profitability kept the SV Bitcoin because of its sharp rise at the end of November.

Image source — Bitcoinist

Analyst Autonomous Partners Arianna Simpson does not see anything bad happening. According to her, it’s temporary difficulties, which handle the Bitcoin. Sooner or later, the complexity of its production goes down, and bitcoin will again become profitable for the miners.

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