Everything made by MSI at the IFA 2018

This theme is all made by MSI at the IFA 2018 appeared on Engadget.

The Company considers MSI a pioneering in the field of gaming, where has the innovation and evaluation of many electronic products, own games, which led to the expansion of its activity nicely.

Company will MSI offer many of their products during the IFA conference in 2018, where will the laptop GS65 which supports voice assistant Alexa, the will be able the users to know the weather and of their own calendar and create listings and operate the music and control their smart home and many more. Will be available for the alexa on my computer MSI GS65 and PS42 later this year

It will also provide the application of MSI App Player controls are intuitive using the keyboard keyboard and mouse, where the MSI App Player the first application will provide a lighting keyboard RGB allocated for the games, including MOBA games and FPS, and others. As players can mobile enjoy playing with their toys with better performance and a larger screen and easier, this in addition to he will destroy the features of the other, where will allow players to run multiple Games at one time.

Laptop P65


Coming computer-P65-style different, the very style of the standard on structure and aluminium Silver while will include limited edition aluminum structure white pearl in gold.

The machine will come flat narrow edges of the extremely small where would the thickness of the device is 17.9 mm and about 1.88 kg. Users will be able to carry the device anywhere with ease due to the weight of his light.

It will also continue to screen True Color exclusive from MSI, which will give you superior accuracy in the colors, which will provide nearly 100% of the RGB colors micro.

Will need by second-generation processor Core i7 from Intel, it will contain processor graphics GTX 1070 for NVIDIA. More importantly, it will contain the cooling system, your company’s Cooler Boost Technology Trinity which will improve the performance of P65, as will be the case with a powerful battery that can work for 9 hours.

Laptop PS42

As a new member in the group Prestige, depends computer PS42 device dedicated to gaming. Will come case with a thickness of 15.9 mm and a weight of 1.19 kg, and will include the second generation of the Core i7 processor in addition to Processor Graphics the NVIDIA GeForce, as it will contain a fingerprint sensor in the structure by the High Representative, one of the most important advantages of the situation is that he will be powerful battery will continue to work up to 10 hours.

Will computer PS42 wonderful performance within the structure of the neat, where it’s no longer a skinny, completely free of dialogue.

Laptop GE73 Raider RGB your games

Will be characterized by computer GE73 RGB Lighting RGB LED with a custom keyboard for gaming Per-Key RGB, which will provide the players the possibility to control the lighting. Will include the case of the second generation of the processor Core i7 processor and graphics GTX 1070/1060, the screen will display at 120 Hz to ensure the best performance and fast.

Will strengthen the machine cooling system Cooler Boost 5, where will fans BI-Whirlwind Blade with 7 heat pipes 4, and flows good air to heat the heat intensely and effectively out of the system. This is in addition to the features to improve the games, such as network games Killer DoubleShot Pro, and the Giant Speaker and Nahimic 3 and Hi-Res Audio, as it will enhance the program Dragon Center 2.0 and True Color 2.0, this will be your GE73 Raider RGB very special for the players.

Laptop GT75 Titan 8RG


Will enhance your GT75 Titan 8RG good performance and, where it is considered to be the first laptop for gaming features processor Core i9 processor with the graphics besides the Processor graphics GTX 1080.

Will device GT75 Titan 8RG keyboard Rapid Mechanical SteelSeries with feature to customize the background RGB which has been designed to work fast and responsive. In addition to the network Ethernet 10GB of Aquantia, will enhance this laptop with wireless connection which was upgraded to the latest hardware, Killer Wireless-AC 1550 with double the speed of Wi-Fi Standard 802.11 ac, where you will be able to players enjoy the experience of games series free.

Laptop GS65 Stealth Thin

Will be characterized by computer GS65 gold design is distinct and gorgeous and will increase the accuracy of the games through his dialogue the very high author a thickness of 4.9 mm which will cover the structure of the device by 82% while providing clear images with IPS screen.

Will this case work for more than 8 hours, and will provide great performance powered the second part of the processor Core i7 in addition to the Processor graphics GTX 1070, as it will include DDR4-2400 cooling system Cooler Boost Trinity’s wonderful and the sound of Dynaudio.

And has been designed to also include the most desired features for players, including network games, Killer DoubleShot Pro, a keyboard Per-Key RGB, the software program Dragon Center 2.0 that has been upgraded.

Laptop GF63

Will The size of this case, the 15.6-inch will contain the edges of the elegant and high, where will his weight to less than 2 kg.

Will contain the computer GF63 on the second generation of the processor Core i7 processor and graphics GTX 1050 Ti, it will also contain card will continue to work even 7 hours or more.

Will be characterized by computer GF63 a coating of aluminum embossed logo MSI, which makes its design very elegant. It will also improve the system of the MSI Dragon Center 2.0 to raise gaming performance to a higher level.

Laptop WS65

Depends computer WS65 custom creators and professionals, where you will be equipped with a high and elegant, without edges, which will keep its size of 15.6 inches. Thanks to the second generation of Intel processor and graphics processor Quadro P4200, the WS65 will be faster by 40% than the previous generation.

While it is designed light weight, it will be characterized by strongly battery 82 watts, which will continue to work up to 8 hours.

Group Trident X

Will feature a group Trident X second generation of Intel processor, as will the first computer is a desktop integrated card SFX and graphics processor MSI GeForce. As will also contain a cooling system convection Silent Storm Cooling, which uses three paths of flow of air to cool the main components during game play. Group intends Trident X very perfect players.

The Group monitors Optix MAG

Will strengthen the Group monitors Optix MAG function of the Gaming Echo new for MSI, will also be effects RGB optical from the back, will include this Group monitors MAG271CR وMAG241CR.

Coming to screens of the type VA LED will enhance the rate of 144 Hz with the speed of ultra-responsive, this will set Optix MAG game experience a series without flaws.

Moreover, will contain the screen of the program Gaming OSD which will allow you to control the monitor settings, including contrast ratio, brightness and other, as he will also have the option of Quick start in the game.

The Group monitors Optix MPG27 gaming

The group Optix MPG27 the first set will be curved screens for gaming with the technology SolidSeries GameSense included with panel VA LED anti-glare at the rate of 144 Hz.

Using the technique of RGB on the screen, will be able players from programmed lighting effects with ease with the SteelSeries Engine to send alerts them to the timing of the games. Thanks to the viewing angles 178 degrees, the group MPG27 perfect experience of gaming.

This theme is all made by MSI at the IFA 2018 appeared on Engadget.

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