Everyone can buy Galaxy Fold, and Huawei is testing Android 10: week

This week Huawei has made a number of attempts to restore the former greatness, which, however, is more or less preserved. Samsung, in turn, has become a real newsmaker. Moreover, in the officially launched Galaxy Fold, but still unannounced Galaxy A51 lit up in the tests. Let’s talk about it, and also OnePlus will not forget.

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Samsung has started official sales of the Galaxy Fold in Russia

Despite all the difficulties and vicissitudes which confronted Samsung over Galaxy Fold, the company still managed to fix the design flaws of the machine and bring it to the sale. However, given the high cost and technological advancement of new products, the Koreans decided early on that they would be releasing it in limited numbers, to the unit was not stale in warehouses. After all, when bringing to market a device like this, you need to be ready for anything. But such caution did not prevent Samsung to start selling Galaxy Fold on the Russian market, where it is available for purchase, starting today.

Galaxy Fold already sold, including in Russia

25 Oct, Samsung begun selling the Galaxy foldable Fold in Russia. This event was preceded by a programme of pre-orders, which was to last three weeks, but ended after only two days due to the fact that the entire stock of smartphones, designed for our market, sold out. However, to satisfy all consumers who want to buy Galaxy Fold, the company arranged for the supply of an additional batch of smartphones. Its value is not disclosed, but clarifies that the reason for this was the unexpectedly high demand.

Buy Galaxy Fold over the Internet is impossible. For this you need to apply directly to the store

Samsung does not offer the possibility to place an order for Galaxy Fold through the website of its online store, and the only way to get a new product for Russian customers is the visit of the shop of the company. However, the number of retail pavilions brought in Galaxy Fold, is also very limited. At the time of publication of the material of such places in Moscow there are only nine. In some regions, apparently, the device did not deliver at all. Therefore, in order to buy it, specify the presence in the branded Samsung store in your city.

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Unlike the Galaxy Fold, which is sold in Korea and the USA, the Russian sample is not equipped with a support 5G. But who cares, if we have this standard has not yet formally valid? It turns out that Samsung has allowed users from Russia to save a little, because the instance-enabled networks of the fifth generation is more expensive. The rest of the device is completely identical to foreign models. It even has a Snapdragon 855, although usually in domestic instances of Samsung Exynos chip sets. Memory all too well – here RAM 12 GB, and built-in – 512.

To emphasize the premium nature of the product, Samsung has supplied the Galaxy Fold Royal package. In addition to the smartphone in the box put wireless headphones Galaxy Bud, a power supply unit with support for fast charging and a Kevlar case, looking at which you begin to doubt that he will keep the machine in the fall. Rather, here he plays a cosmetic, rather than a protective role. But that didn’t matter, because Samsung offers all buyers Galaxy Fold a voucher for a preferential replacement of the display, which will cost about 10 thousand to 40 thousand with a standard replacement.

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The official release of the Galaxy Fold in Russia really means a lot to consumers. The fact that the manufacturer’s recommended retail price of the smartphone is equal to 159 990 rubles, while grey retailers were selling the phone for 200 thousand. It was quite natural, given that until now other opportunities for Russian users to buy the Galaxy Fold is simply not there. But now, when sales started officially at serovatov will not be able to wring these prices and they will lower them.

Huawei Assistant for Android. What you can do with this app

Huawei is very inconsistent in their statements. The company is commonplace to first announce the development of its own operating system to replace Android, immediately refute that statement, and then release another one which will refute the previous one. The impression is that the Chinese just want all to confusing, so we do not know what in fact they work and what to expect from them in the near future. After all, as practice shows, the misinformation is able to negate any leakage and insider plums. But something we still found out.

Huawei introduced a new Android app, but in Google Play it is not

Despite the fact that Huawei, according to the latest data, is not going to replace Android on HarmonyOS, the development of a replacement to Google services is in full swing. So this week, the company introduced the Huawei Assistant app that combines so many different possibilities that it is difficult to clearly pick up his counterpart. It is assumed that it will be the primary assistant to the users when interacting with their smartphones, providing access to their key functions in one place and, in fact, fulfilling the role of a hub.

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Huawei Assistant — your new assistant to work with a smartphone

Apparently, Huawei’s goal was to create a universal management tool smartphone. Therefore, the developers of the company decided to combine the capabilities of Google apps, and Spotlight for iOS. Therefore, Huawei Assistant allows to search for information, files, messages, reminders, and other data across the device, surf the Internet, read the news, to launch frequently used applications, as well as to report usage statistics, missed events and upcoming events.

To Huawei installation Assistant, do the following:

  • Go to “Settings” — “Security and privacy” and allow the installation of applications from external sources;
  • Go to this link and download the APK file Huawei Assistant to your smartphone or Huawei Honor;
  • Install Huawei Assistant, give him the necessary privileges and use.

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It is important to understand that the Huawei Assistant only works on smartphones and the Huawei Honor running EMUI 9.1 or later. But even if you own a compatible device, remember that while the apps don’t do well with the localization. At the moment it supports English, Polish, Spanish, Italian, German and French. It is not excluded that as updates are released, the app will work in Russian, but still this is not possible, and therefore no access to the Russian news.

If you decided to take a chance and installed it Huawei Assistant, don’t forget to send your feedback to Huawei about its performance. It is necessary to take part in the raffle Huawei P30 Pro. Apparently, so Huawei wants to bring to the testing Huawei Assistant more users to get feedback from the widest possible audience. And since in the future this will enhance the company’s influence, opening her access to a large array of data about users, one P30 Pro does not seem too great a cost.

Users of OnePlus was in danger due to a bug OxygenOS

Security issues and performance accompanied Android since its inception. Over time, the hardware of smartphones has become powerful enough to handle the OS interface without lag, but to cope with a large number of vulnerabilities to developers and failed. The situation was exacerbated by the abundance of shells on the basis of Android that manufacturers install on their smartphones, increasing the extent of fragmentation. Because of this, and then becomes aware of any vulnerability that threatens the safety of users or the stable operation of the device. This time the sword of Damocles hung over the devices of OnePlus.

Smartphones OnePlus one in danger. But help is on the way

Developer till Kottman found outthat the firmware OxygenOS, built on Android 9 Pie, has a system bug which allows installed applications to restart the phone without your knowledge. It’s not crashing, which crashes and emergency restart, but it is a real vulnerability, granting the third party the right to control the tool reboot. It affects all smartphones OnePlus, OxygenOS based on 9: 5 OnePlus/OnePlus 5T and 6/6T.

The vulnerability, referred to, is that the reboot starts immediately, not allowing the user any way to prevent this. In addition, therefore, the application can enter a smartphone in an endless reboot cycle without the ability to get out of it without loading the device in safe mode. It is not necessary that the reboot initiated by the developers. It is possible that the bug hiding in the code of the program itself will trigger the endless reboot. So the only way for the user to return the unit to work is to delete the app.

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According to Kottman, he told OnePlus about the existence of this vulnerability, and the developers have already fixed it in 10 OxygenOS based on Android 10. But, since this firmware version is only compatible until smartphones OnePlus seventh series, published this year, devices of the past two years will remain under threat until the update for the affected models will be released in 2020. Until then, their owners will have to carefully monitor what they are installing, and just in case, learn how to download smartphone in safe mode.

To enable safe mode on OnePlus, do the following:

  • To start the smartphone OnePlus in safe mode, hold down the power button and select restart in the pop-up window;
  • Wait until on screen appears the logo of OnePlus and hold down the volume down – hold to load the desktop;
  • To exit safe mode, just reboot your smartphone again.

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Enter in safe mode may be your only salvation if the device went into endless reboot due to a bug in the app. The fact is that in this mode, the machine only loads ON the system, blocking all third-party software. This will allow you to remove this dangerous application that causes the reboot to return the smartphone to work. Another thing is that before to remove something, you have to figure out what program triggers an infinite loop of reboots, and this without any special knowledge will be difficult.

Unannounced Samsung Galaxy A51 lit up in the tests

Various sites dedicated to mobile technologies, and also some enthusiasts who regularly test a variety of tablet and smartphones on the subject of productivity. And, as a rule, in these tests is not unusual. But now is clearly not the case. After all, on a rather popular portal Geekbench surfaced information about the unannounced Samsung Galaxy A51. And there was not just information, and test results of the new phone from the Koreans. So now you can start to figure out how powerful will be new.

Galaxy A51 can be an interesting device

Samsung Galaxy A51 will replace the line of Galaxy gadgets Galaxy A50 and A50s. Recall that the smartphone aims to compete with smartphones in the lower and middle price segment, which is occupied by Chinese manufacturers, as the Chinese have learned to do fairly productive, but cheap vehicles. And to miss such a promising market it is unlikely that someone would in their right mind (except Apple). Apparently, Samsung Galaxy A51 will also be called to “give back” to Chinese competitors.

The Korean manufacturer needs to think about what functions to offer in their new models. So, Galaxy A50 was offered a fingerprint scanner hidden under the display, which was a novelty for devices in this price segment. There is information that Samsung Galaxy A51 will take not only that, but the presence of multiple cameras on the rear, among which there is a place and a signature 64-megapixel sensor. And if so, the Samsung Galaxy A51 can be a real hit. What do you think of budget smartphones? Or maybe you prefer only flagships? Write about it in our chat in Telegram.

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But let’s get back to the Geekbench website. According to the information received, Galaxy A51 will be built on the Exynos chip 9611, and the stock RAM will be 4 GB. To manage all this magnificence should Android 10 with the OneUI interface 2.0.

However, according to some allegedly “reliable sources”, the test results show we are not the most advanced model. Since older versions of Samsung Galaxy A51 will have in reserve as much as 6 gigabytes of RAM. As for physical memory, then all standard — 64 or 128 GB. According to the results of a very common test Geekbench 5.0.2 smartphone managed to score 323 points in single-core mode and 1185 in mode multi-core mode, which is pretty good for “budget”.

The results of the test. Don’t be put off by the name. Smartphones are always such tests not under their “real names”

At the moment there is no information about when will take place the official presentation of the Samsung Galaxy A51. And indeed Samsung does not comment on the existence of this model. But we all know that the smoke without fire does not happen, and such leaks rarely happen by accident. In addition, given that the Galaxy A50s debuted a couple of months ago in August, and announced, respectively, were still early, then wait for the successor to only a little less than a year. Well before the announcement and all by hand. A number of insiders betting on the first quarter of 2020. Well, as they say, wait and see.

Huawei said a lot about Mate and Mate X Xs

You’ve probably already forgotten about the Huawei Mate X. This is the first folding and the second Huawei smartphone commercial smartphone with a similar design in the world. Despite the fact that it was introduced back in March and promised to release in the summer, all of a sudden, Huawei cancelled the run without explanation. Since then and until now, about the device almost could not be heard, which could give the impression that the company actually froze the project of a folding smartphone, regarding it as a failure. But as it turned out a few hours ago, all Mate in X order.

Official sales of the Huawei Mate X will begin November 15, however, at first, to buy a smartphone will be possible only in China. The representatives of the company wrote on his page in the social network Weibo. Along with the release date was announced and the retail price new, which, contrary to rumors, absolutely not decreased. Huawei Mate X will be on sale at the price of 2400 USD, which is almost 500 dollars more expensive foldable Fold Galaxy from Samsung, which came out a few weeks earlier. Apparently the Chinese never managed to reduce production costs to make corporate device interesting for the consumer.

Huawei Mate X will be released next month, and his replacement in March

However, the high price is not the only disadvantage Mate X. due to the fact that the smartphone was delayed by almost six months, the hardware that Huawei has equipped its already time to date. Not that the Kirin processor 980 was the worst run, this time on the market, a new, more productive and energy efficient chip Kirin 990, which the company equips the flagship Huawei Mate 30. Today, it is one of the world’s most powerful mobile processors that can compete with A13 Bionic from Apple.

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Huawei understands that it is strange to equip so innovative smartphone like Mate X last year’s processor, and therefore is already preparing his successor with the most productive “iron”, which is available today. The novelty will be called Huawei Mate Xs, the processor Kirin 990 and will be released in March 2020. The gradation of RAM and internal memory the updated model will remain the same – 8/512 GB. But the price at which it could be sold, was not disclosed. Most likely, she will not grow relative to the original Mate X, but because Huawei is specifically silent about it.

In addition, this week also became known why X does not Mate went on sale in the summer, as promised. According to the company, when Samsung withdrew Galaxy Fold in Huawei worried that their product also can suffer from the same imperfections, and therefore decided to delay its release in order to conduct additional testing and to once again experience softwaree content to the software unit worked perfectly. Any design changes Mate X doesn’t say, allowing to assume that the device from the start is pretty reliable. In any case, it would be logical if Huawei talked about the fact that the novelty has become even better than it was before.

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We happened to meet with Huawei Mate X almost immediately after its official presentation. Cursory testing of the apparatus showed that it is more similar to the final product than the Galaxy Fold, which is due to the recesses for the camera and furrow passing through the display, leaving the impression of some incompleteness. However, it turned out that we were wrong. After all, Galaxy Fold entered the market first and is already in demand not only abroad but also in Russia, where he asked for 159 990 rubles in the official retail and nearly 200 00 rubles – in the gray.

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