Every other smart watch in the world — Apple Watch

When analysts talk about the superiority of Apple over competitors in the market of wearable accessories, they are somehow silent that the Arsenal of Chinese companies a lot of budget devices aimed at the mass consumer. And if you compare the Apple Watch exclusively in the segment of smart hours, the picture will be quite different.

Writes MacRumors with reference to the enclosed report from Strategy Analytics, last year the share of Apple Watch among all the smart watches sold was 51 %, nearly half of buyers chose a device from Apple, instead of from its competitors. This is less than in 2017 (when the share was almost 70 %) but also quite a lot.

According to experts, Apple last quarter shipped about 9.2 million hours, while Samsung and Garmin, which are below, realized 800 thousand units and 600 thousand devices, respectively. In Apple never announced the number of sold Apple Watch, but Tim cook said that sales of watches in the world increased by 50 %.

The study confirms an earlier report from research firm NPD Group that the Apple Watch are “the clear leader” in the smartwatch market in the United States, but also underlines the growing threat from competitors such as Samsung. The latter continues to invest heavily in the wearable device compatible with both Android devices and iPhone.

Experts say that the enormous success of Apple in the watch market due to the high customer loyalty to the brand and competent marketing company. Of course, the sales was caused by the release of the Apple Watch Series 4. Smart watch for the first time has been seriously upgraded, getting a new slim design, large display and many other features.

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