Even Snapchat is planning to launch a platform games, according to a new report


Even Snapchat have its own plans to launch a special platform video games, and that as noted by a new report from the cheddar, which confirmed that Snapchat is working on this product since a long time, and it seems that the detection region will be on the 4th of April next.

And may mention the report that Snapchat is planning to announce its platform cloud early in the next month, and based on a source familiar with the project code name Project Cognac will host a number of games third-party are specially designed to operate in conjunction with the application of Snapchat.

To attempt to enter this market and provide content, the company has purchased the development team of the Australian Prettygreat in the past year, and who was responsible for the launch of successful games such as Fruit Ninja, compared to $ 8.6 million.

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