Even if you are healthy, skip the doctor faster will result in death

Many are doctors, some strongly ignore visits to hospitals and clinics, others make an appointment with the slightest changes in the condition of the body. But even if you are not ill, a doctor’s visit for control and prevention can play a crucial role in life. To such conclusion scientists from the University of Glasgow (Scotland) after a study of visits to doctors 800,000.

The aim of the study was to determine how much skipping a doctor’s appointment affects the life expectancy of patients, especially with chronic and long term diseases. Using the National health service in the UK, scientists have collected a vast array of data about 824 374 patients, analyzed 11.5 million doctor visits in the last few years.

Patients with chronic physical illnesses who missed two visits to the doctor per year and later, died three times as often, says the study. 8 times increased risk for people with mental illness. Separately, also referred to a high risk of death for those who visit the doctor only once to prevent (almost two times) — it is not possible to detect chronic diseases at an early stage and take prompt measures.

Interestingly, patients with more than 4 chronic diseases, visit the doctor at 70 % less the rest, though, it would seem that in this case, visits should be more often. In patients without serious diseases the risk of death if not attending physician was 30 % less, but still present.

Because the presence of chronic diseases requires regular checkups with a specialist and tests, lack of control on the part of doctors can lead to negative consequences. However, as experts note, this applies to healthy (at first glance) people: because they do not have complaints or symptoms, the disease can develop in a latent form.

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