Eva’s 2018: what’s that up ahead of cell phone companies.

Is IFA one of the leading annual events in the tech world, an event optimized to detect technology companies for its devices and vision for the future, here’s everything we expect from a top smart phone manufacturers during the EVA, 2018, held between 31 August to 5 September.


Confirmed Huawei it will launch the wizard Kern 980 new Eva, which is the processor that will be used in my phone is dead 20 dead 20 Pro.

He reported the source of the day the prospect of putting the color of the two new phones P20 وP20 Pro, will use one color transparency of the current to be tilted to the Color Black, the second would be the white tends to yellow or pink.

It is likely that the company my phone is dead 20 dead 20 Pro in the period between October and November, but dead 20 Lite may complain about it at the time of the earliest, perhaps during or after the event days, as I did with the phones dead 10.

Previously the Chief Executive stressed near the detection for the second generation of H Huawei’s smart, But he did not disclose a date for it, so it may be soon.


Not expected to reveal new products after the detection of the limits Note 9 for an hour galaxy and thedistance of its home and wireless new, however may use the event to promote the back of the phone and the.


He always has the Sony lot to offer in the sense of Eva and select the 2018 is not exceptional, where it is expected to launch Xperia XZ3 maybe XZ3 compact, although the specification XZ3 that hasn’t changed much from its predecessor suggest that it may be another phone according to some sources.

It is said that there phone the third, Khalifa XA2 despite the launch XA2 plus weeks ago, and may also reveal an updated version of her household LF-S50G.


We heard so many rumors about the phone V40 five cameras and launched during September, may be the Star of the conference Eva first if announced by the company.

It is also said that we may see the launch H two new rate of IVA, including a new generation of H Timepiece that will features a olid although the leaked specifications suggest that it is middle class to tell my technology GPS and a cellular connection.


Announced phone the Moto X4 in Eva 2017, and currently there is no leaks on the X5 so may reveal him to the police despite the existence of strong rumors on the cancellation of the series.

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