Eva 2018: all products of Huawei’s new

Huawei announced many new products during the conference Eva held these days in the city of Berlin the capital of Germany, here’s a quick look.


Before the start of the conference Eva, quietly, revealed the Huawei phone its dead 20 Lite, medium, processor, Kearney 710, 4 gigabytes RAM 64 gigabytes expandable via external memory, it features a 6.3-inch — Read More dead, 20 Lite.

The company announced today 4 new colors featured phones P20: healing gloss with black finish, white tends to pink with the effect of the idea behind the built-in black leather, another leather golden brown. Colours will be available beginning from September 5, to be women of color at a price of 649 euros (2,842 SAR) for P20, the price of 899 EUR (3,936 SAR) for P20 Pro, while the women skin will be available for P20 Pro only, to come memory random 8 gigabytes instead of 6 gigabytes of address space, to allow more than 1000 euros (4,380 SR). She stressed that the launch of the phones is dead 20 would be the limits of the singled out London on October 16.

And speaking of dead 20, The also revealed Wizard Kern 980 responsible for the performance of the phones is dead 20 dead 20 Pro, she said it was the best performance of the predetermined processor, Cairns 970 by 37% and energy by 32%, the best processor Snapdragon 845 product in mentioned by 20% and 40% respectively — know on the details of the Kern 980.

Finally, don’t forget about the trailer honor on phone magic 2.

Huawei AI cube

Tag has entered the Chinese market for Chinese phones speaker new smartphone, AI stands for artificial intelligence, but the cube (cube) does not symbolize the design of the device, which maintains the shape cylindrical, which is like the Google home, however, uses the assistant Alexa from Amazon, and when I asked Huawei on the preference of the assistant Alexa to Google responded, “we believe that good cooperation is the key to industry leadership”.

Works as a speaker clever to control by the user in smart devices, and use it as an alarm and infuse the music and hear the news, including match results and weather conditions. The crouch broadcast network wireless network supports LTE Cat.6 (download data at a speed of 300 meg gained/second, raise the speed data 50 meg gained/second) as well as 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac within my domain Frequency 2.4 and 5 cars.

Comes in white with grey or with red, seems sound with capacity of 15 watts used 400 ml and is characterized by a membrane of aluminum to illustrate the sound and technical support Histen for surround sound and wide-reaching and Far-Field to the images of the Far where the use of four microphones to improve the quality of image capture.

I didn’t reveal Huawei on the price yet, but is planned to be launched to European markets in the end of 2018.

GPS Device Locator

Designed to for pets, for to follow her any time, claims resistance to dust and water IP68 means its ability to withstand a depth of 1.5 meters of water up to 30 minutes without damage, and comes with a battery 660 mAh stand between 15-30 days in standby mode.

For support techniques to identify the location, vader GPS and other technologies to competition, such as GPSA ,Galileo, Beidou, GLONASS also uses Wi-Fi to improve location accuracy, comes to the port of nano-SIM and supports all cellular networks in the world.

I didn’t reveal Huawei on price or the date of and markets for expansion.

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