EUR 5,000 for the lost prototype of the smartphone Honor

Евгений Коваленко

With one of the employees of the brand Honor happened a curious case – he lost a prototype of the new smartphone by this brand.

The prototype was used by the employee Honor Seidl Moritz (Moritz Scheidl). He tested the smartphone to reveal possible problems. However, after a short ride on the train he found that the smartphone was gone.

Most likely, the gadget was lost in the ICE train 1125, which left on April 22 at 6:06 am from Dusseldorf and arrived at 11:08 in Munich. On assurances of Maurice, the whole trip smartphone was in his backpack, but on arrival home he realized that the device was gone. Smartphone was the grey cover that hides the rear panel. Of course, the smartphone is not specified.

Now the Honor has published the announcement of the loss. The finder of the prototype are rewarded with 5,000 euros. Some users find this situation to be a publicity stunt, although representatives deny this Honor. What do you think?

Source: Phonearena

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