Ethereum 2.0 critics called the network of deception, why?

The launch of Ethereum 2.0 will take place in the near future, however, this is not good. Critics of the cryptocurrency say that the entire ecosystem project is a global Scam. During startup, the project is allegedly promoted as a solution to scalability issues, and the Ethereum had to handle a huge amount of decentralized applications with millions of users. However, in reality it is not, therefore, on the background of the approaching Eth2 criticism is amplified.

According to critics, the ambitious idea was a “Scam” — that is the deception, which was led cryptoanalysis. It is worth remembering CryptoKitties, the most popular decentralized application in the history of Ethereum. When all of them were actively used by the Commission in the network of bitcoin has reached unprecedented heights — for a single transaction in the ETH had to pay almost 20 dollars! And this is only one application. So how does a acne Baleriny scalability?

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Scam or not Scam?

Twitter erupted serious drama in which he involved himself Buterin and Bitcoin developer Peter Todd. The latter stated that the project Vitalik was a Scam from the beginning.

The most common type of deception in kriptonyte — empty promises, talking about the fact that the project has a high level of scalability and decentralization, when the reality is quite different. ETH 1.0 corresponds to all categories of Scam. Rich soil for lies.

The discussion was joined by gábor Gorbach, an expert on digital assets in an investment firm VanEck.

The light show will not make Ethereum more decentralized or scalable.

It should be noted that the wave of criticism rose against the publication of articles about Ethereum on Coindesk. In it the achievements of the team of cryptocurrency questioned. The main claim in the article was the following:

  • the creators of Ethereum recognize that the blockchain was not designed to scale as a platform for conducting transactions;
  • there is no clear plan for migration tokens and smart contracts for Ethereum 2.0, although there are enough offers.

That is, critics fear that with Ethereum 2.0 will have the same situation. Like, with a large number of transactions the network can handle too, and the transition in addition will cause a lot of problems and inconveniences.

Responded acne Buterin.

I’m sorry, but this article is very unfair. Even if the statement that Ethereum 2.0 is allegedly a “Scam”, the author disrespectful refers to the years a large number of people. Moreover, to the phase 0 was only a matter of months.

The developers of Ethereum and supporters of the project do not see anything wrong in a fundamental transition of the project to a new mechanism of consensus. This is a natural process in which problems are solved first-generation cryptocurrency. The point of the “e” put Buterin.

The creators of Ethereum now I understand that blockchain is not scalable to the proper level.

This is NOT news. Let me remind you, I talked about the need to upgrade more 2014.

An intermediate clarification: Ethereum blamed for their lack of scale and lack of clear understanding of the mechanism of transition to eth2. The statements are as follows:

“Translated into phase 0, the esters will be converted into the new token that you can’t move along the main chain. At least six months after the launch of hardwork add translations. To do this, users will be blocked.”

Vitalik argues that it is not so: the problems of scaling has long been known, and with the transition there will be no problems.

He noted that the statement about absence of plan for transition to eth2 is false.

The article by Lee Kuen responded to replai Vitalik.

People are already calling all cryptocurrency Scam. The title to this criticism, I hope, the article unmasks him.

Also, the journalist promised to clarify the details and publish them in a separate publication. Although readers have already called the title of the article Clickbank.

And the article itself is awful.

By the way, Ethereum 1.0 itself does not “obsolete”, despite all the statements of critics. Vitalik said that the Ethereum ecosystem will be a new upgrade without any difficulties.

Well, evaluate the results Ethereum Foundation in the coming months. To discuss them you can in our cryptodata millionaires. About Yandex Zen also should not be forgotten.


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