Essential working on a new smartphone with an emphasis on artificial intelligence

The company Essential created by Andy Rubin. He is the Creator of the Android operating system, which was purchased by Google. After leaving Google, not so long ago Andy founded the company Essential and introduced the Essential mobile Phone. The device became the world’s first with a cut in the screen and still a year later is a very attractive and very popular option. Essential Phone flopped in sales, the reason for this is too high cost and problems with the software.

Essential startup has received investments worth $ 300 million. Investors believed in the project Creator Android. After a disastrous sales Essential Phone and rumors of a working Roman and Andy during the work to Google it in November this year, decided to leave the company and announced plans to sell it.

A week later, Rubin returned to the company and with new forces have begun to implement new ideas. On stage was a smart column Essential Hub. Currently, the market is full of such devices, the Essential competition will not stand. Apparently, Andy realized this, so, according to Bloomberg, the company currently is developing a smartphone with deep integration of artificial intelligence.

The new device will have a small display, and basic interactions will be based on voice control. The smartphone will be able to respond to messages from friends, will be able to book tables in the restaurant — it is a full assistant. According colleagues, the first prototype will be ready by the end of the year, and will show it at CES 2019, which will be held in January next year.

Rubin is thinking in the right direction, I have no doubt that the future of AI and new methods of control gadget. The current use by means of taps on the screen simply out of date, the necessary market change.

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