eSIM from Tele2 in Russia: what is important to know the owner of the iPhone

As it became known this morning, the operator Tele2 officially started to connect the Russians to the eSIM. Support of this technology is found in many flagship smartphones 2018-2019, including the iPhone XS, XR and XS Max. However, it is understood that the process of obtaining a virtual SIM-card in Russia has a number of features, not to mention the technical limitations that imposes on the user’s iPhone. Here are some of them we will discuss in today’s article.

Let’s start with the Russian peculiarities of the connection.

How to connect eSIM in Russia

Due to legislative restrictions in force in the territory of Russia, the process of registration eSIM “we” is somewhat different from how it happens “they”. In particular, the connection to the eSIM in Russia is only possible by transferring the physical SIM card in the virtual.

In other words, the user must draw a regular SIM card Tele2, and then visit one of the five specialized shops where you will need to write a statement about the transition to eSIM. After that, the smartphone will be recorded, the subscriber profile, and the physical card will simply stop working. In countries where the eSIM works complete, you can connect from the comfort of home.

Why eSIM

ESIM technology – even in a shortened version from Tele2 is rather a plus than a minus. Thanks to her, all iPhone XS, Max XS and XR, intended for implementation in all countries, except for mainland China, in fact, be dual-SIM.

First, thanks to this from now on, you will be able to use two phone numbers without having to carry a second phone. It is important for those who are forced to use both personal and work or home and holiday accommodation.

Second, an additional SIM card, albeit virtual, allows you to choose the more comfortable conditions of service. If your current operator extortionate tariffs for voice, but great LTE coverage, you can still leave room for Internet and to connect the second – for calls only. And since many operators provide the ability to configure rates by selecting only those services that you need, eSIM is more relevant than ever.

Restrictions on eSIM iPhone

But for iPhone it is worth remembering the number of constraints that will accompany you during the interaction with the second SIM card. For example, one radio will not allow you to talk on two lines at once. That is, if you say one number, then calling for a second you can’t. The caller is prompted to leave a voice message or call back later. The same rule applies in the work LTE: go Internet only with one SIM card that was assigned the primary during the initial setup. How to do it, we already told you in the appropriate instructions.

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